Great Twitter Account – MAGA FLOWERS

What is Maga Flowers?

This –>

A couple is responsible for maintaining a strip of land on their corner. So they planted petunias to spell out MAGA, and then set up a security camera.

Like bait car, they ensnare unhinged leftists vandalizing their property. Most are caught.

Good job!

And then there’s this slut –>

kt/ c. steven tucker

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  1. One word: Oleander

    Or set up electrified trip wires @Jethro, I know I know, it’s probably illegal…eye roll. OR at least spikes and nails for the ‘joggers’ and cars, btw, THAT FACE plant was AWESOME!

    Can they be shot with a AR bb rifle, ON auto?? Asking for a friend loy-ya out there, I know there IS one or two of ya’s…

  2. Complete derangement. They have no respect for anyone else’s property or opinion. Worth the time and money to drive them insane.

  3. If these are the same MAGA flowers I heard on Todd Herman’s rebroadcast show Saturday morning-this is in Kirkland, WA!

    Kirkland is a well to do suburb across the lake from Seattle. It’s not Chazikistan but there be lefties afoot none the less.

  4. Why not tackle that asshole at the end?? Instead of filming the guy?? Oh I get it, those flowers are on…public property that the home owner has to maintain per the local code. Got it.

  5. Food for thought, how about setting these up around the country with Claymore mines underneath the flowers, there will be a LOT fewer libtards to deal with in the future.


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