Greek Police Make Arrest in 1985 Hijacking of TWA Flight 847

Greek police wouldn’t release the suspect’s name but Greek media outlets identified the detainee as Mohammed Ali Hammadi, a Hezbollah member.

Epoch Times:

ATHENS, Greece—Greek police said on Saturday, Sept. 21, that they have arrested a suspect in the 1985 hijacking of a flight from Athens that became a multi-day ordeal and included the slaying of an American.

Police said a 65-year-old suspect in the hijacking was arrested Thursday on the island of Mykonos in response to a warrant from Germany.

Lt. Col. Theodoros Chronopoulos, a police spokesman, told The Associated Press that the hijacking case involved TWA Flight 847. The flight was commandeered by hijackers shortly after taking off from Athens on June 14, 1985. It originated in Cairo and had San Diego set as a final destination, with stops scheduled in Athens, Rome, Boston and Los Angeles.

The hijackers shot and killed U.S. Navy diver Robert Stethem, 23, after beating him unconscious. They released the other 146 passengers and crew members on the plane during an ordeal that included stops in Beirut and Algiers. The last hostage was freed after 17 days. more here

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  1. 34 years! He was probably showing off at some Euro-Liberal vacation zone, since you know the German “arrest warrant” would have been sitting on some paid off EU police desk for a long long time. Thanks (for nothing) Angela Merkel.

  2. That hijacking was when I first started to see CNN for being as phoney as it is. My first wife had a cousin and his new wife on the plane so we were watching almost non-stop. I noticed the anchors announce a report as “the latest, then see something as old as 30 hours that I had seen so many times that I could almost recite the reporter’s words.


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