Green Beret Who Beat Afghan Cop For Raping Boy Facing Dismissal

BlurBrain– A Green Beret and his allies say the fact that he “stood up to a child rapist” while serving in Afghanistan with an elite Joint Base Lewis-McChord unit shouldn’t be grounds for kicking him out of the Army.

Charles Martland

Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland says he beat up an Afghan police commander he was supposed to be mentoring because he was fed up with the commander’s “brutal” sexual abuse of a village boy.

Now Martland’s case is being championed by a California congressman and several veteran Green Berets who contend he shouldn’t be punished further.  MORE


14 Comments on Green Beret Who Beat Afghan Cop For Raping Boy Facing Dismissal

  1. if we are prosecuting our finest for shoving a scumbag boy rapist, we are done

    this at a time when we should be on the ground killing ISIS, and I mean using the most painful means available, no holds barred

    our military’s morale must be at an all-time low under this pussy-in-chief

  2. Hanover, you forgot the additional charges of being, white, male, and “traditionally masculine” in his protective behavior. Oh, the horror!

  3. My cousin was so excited to go into the Air Force. Wanted to make it his career. Left the second he could after his first tour. The stories he tells of the anti-Christian/Pro-perv environment would curl (or straighten) your hair. His boss (or whatever you call it) was a bull dyke and used every moment to abuse him for being a straight Christian.

  4. Global warming ! Glaciers are melting !
    Greenland wasn’t named that for the irony, it was once green, 1500 BF. (Before Ford)

  5. My nephew has wanted to be a soldier from the time he could say his first word. He went into the army after high school and I have never seen a happier person and someone who knew what he was put on this earth to do.

    He left the army last year disgusted and demoralized(and his wife is discouraging him from his second career choice–law enforcement) so now he’s at a loss as to what to do with his life though he still does reserve duty.

    Last year or so there was an Islamic attackonthe base where he was stationed and they were told to stand down. It was the last straw for him. He recently said to me”aunty give thanks that there are still honorable men who served our country and are willing to defend and protect her because u wont believe what’s coming down the pike in the once land of the free and home of the brave.” It unimaginable.

    I told him “I know sweetie, I know”

  6. This is how to clear the armed forces of any semblance of anyone with any amount of moral fiber. They will end up with an armed force of amoral automatons who will do the bidding of their masters without blinking an eye.

    Imagine a Reinhard Heydrich in every rank.

  7. Exactly, Tim. This is what is happening in law enforcement too. It’s very difficult for a Christian to survive in cop culture. Not so much the other fellas and fellets……but the admin……….

  8. The “doctor” who “serves” as the mental health counselor at one of the big V.A. Hospitals in Arkansas wears a fucking hijab. This is the person who is supposed to help soldiers who are suffering from PTSD or are suicidal after returning from war with moslems who force their wives and children to wear the same exact kind of head gear.

    Gonna take some real effort to fix this mess we’re in.

  9. When I was in the Navy 30 years ago we had some AF guys at the airbase. We used to joke that the AF was a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mormon Church (so many of their bases are out West, seemed like half their guys were LDS members).

    Apparently much has changed.

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