Green energy policies proliferating a ‘greenhouse gas’ with ‘23,500 times more warming than CO2’

Forget all of that! COWS ARE FARTING!!11!!

American Thinker:

Global warming hysteria has driven a lot of stupid investment in purportedly “green” energy production that turns out to create new problems. Wind farms that kill millions of birds because migratory birds follow the same winds that are ideal for wind power, for instance.  Bald eagles, normally illegal to kill in the United States, are allowed to be slaughtered by wind farms.

Then there are the massive lithium batteries needed for electric cars, full of toxic heavy metals, that pose a huge problem of disposal when they wear out after about ten years. And the solar energy farms that eat up vast acreage and incinerate passing birds with their “death rays.”

But now the BBC focuses on yet another blowback from green energy policies: the allegedly super-duper, extra-special global warming gas sulfur hexaflouride, abbreviated as SF6, that is leaking into the atmosphere from electrical equipment, where it is used as an insulator, to prevent fires and explosions. read more

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  1. According to Wikipedia, extremely toxic* Disulfur decafluoride is produced primarily by the decomposition of sulfur hexafluoride:

    2 SF6 → S2F10 + F2

    Maybe that’s what Joe has been sniffing, besides young girls.

    (* Disulfur decafluoride has four times the toxicity of phosgene.)

  2. The prolblem has a simple solution. Everybody on the planet stop breathing at the same time,
    hold your breath for 20 minutes. Problem solved!

  3. So does the investigation into this SF6 stuff, mean we’re still on the 10 year Armageddon plan or is a timetable revision in order?


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