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Green New Dealers are Lying Liars

C. Steven Tucker tweeted this video of Elad interviewing proponents of the Green New Deal. They are zombies reading from the prepared script, all answering Elad’s questions in the same way.

If you watch the video you’ll see Elad pointing out that the U.S. only contributes 15% of the world’s carbon emissions, while India and China are spewing tons more every day.

The zombies all answer this by saying that India and China can’t be expected to react unless the U.S. reacts because we are the “example setter.” We are the “world leader.” We are the straw that stirs the world drink.


Because I remember Barack Obongo making speeches where he stated, emphatically, that we weren’t extraordinary, we weren’t exceptional, we were just like any other country, and he said this to thunderous applause by these same a$$holes that are pushing the Green New Deal.

You know what? I’m going to agree with Obongo.

We’re not extraordinary. We’re nothing to emulate. We do not lead. So, PHUCK OFF.


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  1. Abject ignorance?
    It’s mass uneducated stupidity.
    The thing the Clinton’s mastered, have degrees in and depend on.
    Least Bill’s ability to be a lawyer,

  2. U.S. only contributes 15%

    Uhm, we’re already winning by 85%. That’s already being a leader. We should give them more time to catch up before we win by more. Just so we don’t make them look so bad. The slaughter rule.

    And even if we were winning by 100% (carbon neutral), that would mean the rest of the world is still losing, just like they are now. Nothing gained.

  3. Confiscate their iPhones and androids. Their made of plastics in China.
    Deny them the use of individual transportation by automobile or scooter. Deny them electricity and air conditioning and heat and refrigeration and power for their devices and playstations. Food will not be transported to their cities.

    In other words, your food, clothing, water, waste treatment, transportation, communication are now forbidden n
    Like robinson caruso, its as primative as can be. Welcome to Gilligan’s Island. There are no
    Ginger or Maryann either.

    An appropriate series of unending and well deserved expletives have been purposely omitted.
    Cuz im a loving, sharing and caring son of a fucking bitch. You’re welcome assholes.




  5. She’s an amazing fool – obama without even the fake law license.

    Hitler’s big Lie theory does work on a lot of people.

  6. ecp ie-con-right
    Kon-Tiki Coast coast to coast in 3 Days or less
    Kon-Tiki Tours
    ‘It’s phreakin Fast’ ~ A Happy Camper

  7. I wasn’t kidding. Every time you run into these people you need to scream hypocrite at them. Ask about transportation. Their nylon jackets. Their woven clothing, requiring coal or nuclear based energy to produce. Their food source, the growing and harvesting and transportation all requiring carbon based energy to achieve. Their domicile which are constructed of walls that work made of forestry products; wooden studs and paper encapsulated gypsum aka drywall, probably behind more forestry products or petroleum based vinyl. And the steel in the nails, screws and equipment to build. Steel is not lying about. It requires mining, processing and forging into a product, which requires transportation and installation. All of which involves even more carbon consumption.

    Bottom line. Unless you are totally naked and living without structures or food you didn’t grow or forage…you are a hypocrite.

  8. Pssssssssst. The dirty, little secret is this is not about conservation, oil or coal usage at all. The only thing green about this movement is all the money involved. The so-called “Green New Deal” is simply a mechanism or vehicle or excuse for extracting huge amounts of tax money out of the system.
    Remember the Cloward-Piven theory of overloading the U.S. public welfare system in order to create a crisis? Well that only involved the poor. This one is monumental compared to that because we HAVE TO SAVE MANKIND from himself and it’s gonna take lots and lots of money to do it. The bottom line is that it is just another way to create a “crisis” to collapse the United States… and then they really go to town raiding the pantry!!

  9. Im looking forward to the first confrontation with the first imbecile who puts the first vinyl bumper sticker about the green new deal on their vehicle. I don’t even care if its a skateboard. Nothing is made without steel. Or plastics.
    Even of its self propelled.

    And occasional cortex’s bodyguards are packing steel.

    This is gonna be great-Flounder

  10. If electricity is magic Reddy Kilowatt is it’s spokesman. Remember back in the 50’s when they said electricity would be so cheap that everyone could afford it and it would be totally abundant especially with nuclear electric generating facilities. Yeah and flying cars were supposed to be everywhere as well by now.

  11. Trying to have a conversation with an NPC always goes like this.

    The limited script is programmed into it’s BIOS. There is no math chip processing anything when they converse.

    A day of reset is coming by necessity.

  12. Dadof4, I have realized the vast differences between conservatives and the left after moving from MN to MI. I live in the reddest of red portion of MI, and I LOVE it (men actually open doors for women)! I rarely find myself glassy eyed in a conversation because the person I’m talking with can’t process a truth I just stated.

    All too often, in MN, I would ask someone to explain ____ (fill in the blank) and they would just spout the left’s talking points. After a sincere attempt to understand their reasoning, I usually gave up. Sigh.

    I’m looking forward to that reset!!

  13. Yeah they don’t no stinkin’ cows, or gasoline, or coal,or gas, they got wind and sun, and ‘sides, they get their food at BJ’s, and they travel by bus or subway. And they can sail to Europe on wind driven boats, and drive to Hawaii in an electric car, as Cory Booker said he did, from New Jersey.
    I’m just glad I’m on the down slope. I hope the kids and grand kids can handle this shit!
    I honestly believe that President Trump is our only hope right now.
    If the bastards beat him down, we are phucked!
    Send him an “attaboy” at

  14. Sounds like you’re home, Claudia!

    Oddly, there are Dems here that really live a conservative’s life. They just don’t understand what conservative really is. They have a cartoon-ish, demonizing, easy-to-hate description when you ask.

  15. How ’bout we split the difference?

    Let’s STUFF Obongo IN a smokestack, AS a CO2 scrubber. We can clean the environment TWICE that way! 😀

  16. And its all directed at you Larry. As well it should be.

    Btw. What advanced electronic device did you use over what electric powered communications provider using steel structures with antennas did you communicate your latest idiocy. Or did I accidentally intercept you
    clacking coconuts?

    You dumbass neanderfuck.

    You are still out of your league.

  17. Uh Oh Larry, it’s Saturday night and you’ve been into the Chardonnay haven’t you?
    If you had friends about, you would have turned your phrase differently but it’s OK buddy, we know we’re all you’ve got and I’m glad you’re here.
    The first step in recovery is admitting that you hang out with a bunch of schmucks. The second is stepping away from the balcony, and the third is coming back tomorrow.

  18. Oleg Atbashian (PeoplesCube) made a joke:

    Q: What did socialists use to make reading light before they had candles?

    A: Electricity.


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