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Green Party Candidate Storms Debate Stage in Maryland

MRCtv: A senate debate in Maryland received some unexpected fireworks.

According to The Baltimore Sun, the debate between the Republican and Democrat candidates was gearing up to begin on Wednesday at University of Baltimore when the Green Party candidate Dr. Margaret Flowers suddenly made her way on stage while the cameras were rolling.

One of the moderators said a quick “thank you” to Flowers before asking her to leave the stage. Flowers refused.

“You say you’re a public university and you want to educate the public but without having a full public discussion that doesn’t actually happen, so how does that serve democracy or serve the public if I’m excluded from this discussion when I’m on the ballot?” Flowers told the audience until security came and escorted her off the stage.

Flowers has reportedly been trying for months to be included in the public debates between Democrat Chris Van Hollen and Republican Kathy Szeliga, but failed to meet the 15 percent polling threshold to earn an invitation, only garnering 5 percent of support. Instead, she apparently took things into her own hands and showed up anyways.  MORE

5 Comments on Green Party Candidate Storms Debate Stage in Maryland

  1. She’s right, and this kind of discrimination is how the Uniparty hangs onto power.
    I’m no fan of the Green party, but she’s right. Let her speak. Why not let the public hear outside views.
    Which is exactly what the uniparty is afraid of. Always.

    Go Trump 2016.

  2. Look at the Democratic debates, all others were pushed aside almost instantly to make Clinton the clear winner.

  3. “You have the right to select from the candidates the current rulers allow on the list.

    You have the right to obey the candidates the current rulers tell you will rule you.

    Should you give up these rights, you have no rights at all.”

    Any questions? Please form a line over there. Yes, next to the ditch.

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