Greenpeace’s Iconic ‘Rainbow Warrior’ Ship Chopped Up On A Third-World Beach, Sold For Scrap

DC: Greenpeace quietly admitted in November one of its “Rainbow Warrior” boats was “scrapped on a beaching yard in Bangladesh” — a method it spent years campaigning against.

“We have made a mistake, one that we have tried to correct,” Greenpeace International, based in Amsterdam, admitted in mid-November, adding it allowed Rainbow Warrior II “to be scrapped on a beaching yard in Bangladesh, in a way that does not live up to the standards we set ourselves and campaigned with our allies to have adopted across the world.”

However, the embarrassing admission from one of the world’s largest and most prominent environmental groups flew under the radar of major news outlets. Greenpeace quietly put out a press release on its international website, which few noticed.

Greenpeace International did not respond to The Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

Indeed, Rainbow Warrior II’s fate is only the latest in a string of embarrassments and scandals to plague Greenpeace in recent years, including admitting in 2014 it had lost millions in donations betting on currency speculation.

That same year, Greenpeace came under fire from the Peruvian government for damaging the ancient Nazca Lines. Activists damaged the world-famous site with giant protest banners advocating for solar energy and calling for countries to fight global warming.  more here

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  1. OT: I do most of my IOTWRing from work. Today is my last day here dealing with electric generation dispatch. Retirement is upon me. I’ll be busier than ever now, so chances are I won’t be here much anymore.

    Thanks for all the laughs, the information, and the wisdom. God bless you all. Keep your powder dry and if the SHTF, I will be there with you, shoulder to shoulder. God bless America!

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  2. This wasn’t an error – it was intentional and Greenpeace got caught and called out on yet another instance of hypocrisy. There are quite a few videos readily available online about these shipbreaking yards – search for Chittigong or Alang. These places run ships onto the beach next to each other, then use relatively unskilled labor to chop them up by hand. It’s dirty, dangerous and frequently deadly work. It’s also probably illegal for Greenpeace to sell Rainbow Warrior II to these ship breaking yards as there are international treaties and laws prohibiting these acts.

    The yard owners pay for these ships and then recycle the steel. An environmentally friendly shipbreaking yard, such as one in Texas, will require ship owners to pay a hefty fee to scrap a ship. “I pay you versus you pay me” is really not a difficult decision for many ship owners.

  3. flip –

    Good Luck in all your future endeavors.

    I-net access is easy to get…please, think twice about walking away.


  4. Meanwhile the Japanese begin while slaughtering again. I don’t give one flip about the leftist greenpeace but I don’t like the whale killing, it should stop permanently.

  5. “A lone employee reportedly went “above his authority” and bet on a falling euro in the wake of Europe’s financial crisis.”

    Yeah, bullshit. You lefties always blame a rogue employee when you get caught, but there is no such thing in the leftist hive. Soros probably set you up to fail, because you’re a bunch of high seas f–kups whose time has passed.

    Now I want to see those migrant ships rusting on a beach in Bangladesh. Their time has passed, too.

  6. I also don’t always live up to the standards I set for myself.

    Like Greenpeace, I’m very forgiving of myself but not nearly as sanctimonious about it.

  7. All that dolphin & baby seal-killing trash… left out there to POLLUTE… tsk, tsk, tsk…

    Better the French sink it for you, and make an artificial coral reef/fish habitat out of it! 😆

  8. I have had no use for Greenpeas ever since they abandoned Russell Dalrymple out at sea back in the ‘90s. Those rat bastards.

  9. “flew under the radar of major news outlets”? Greenpeace could have done multiple press releases, tweets, blast e-mails, etc. and major news outlets would still have “missed” it.

  10. How about they steam over and start picking up the ‘Texas sized trash island’?
    Then they would be doing good works.

  11. “You lefties always blame a rogue employee when you get caught, but there is no such thing in the leftist hive. ”

    Thirdtwin, your statement is worth a million bucks!

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