Greenpeace’s Novel Basis For Lawsuit Against Norway

In what can only be called a unique opinion on the promises made when Norway signed the Paris Climate Accord, Greenpeace is suing the nation to withdraw licenses to drill in the Barents Sea above the Artic Circle.

According to Greenpeace, the world already has access to more oil than it can safely consume, so allowing more oil to be extracted violates Norway’s commitment to fight climate change.


Remember the good old days when they declared we had reached “peak oil” and our petroleum based economies were all going to crash? 

9 Comments on Greenpeace’s Novel Basis For Lawsuit Against Norway

  1. Norway should declare war on Greenpeace, take over all its offices/property there, take all prisoners, and declare victory.

  2. That’s funny; I wonder why Greenpeas doesn’t take on Russia for the same “transgressions”? Hell, even France kicked their little asses a few years ago.

  3. Be A Part Of The Generation That Ends Oil

    I’m A Deplorable, which means I wan’t to be a part of a generation that ends GreenPeace.



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