Grenell Says He Is Working To Declassify More Flynn Documents

Daily Caller: Richard Grenell, the acting director of national intelligence, said Friday he is working on declassifying transcripts of phone calls between former national security adviser Michael Flynn and former Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

Grenell revealed his plans in an exchange on Twitter with Democratic California Rep. Eric Swalwell regarding a request Friday from House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff for transcripts of the Flynn-Kislyak calls.

Schiff, a Democrat, requested the call transcripts as well as records related to 39 so-called “unmasking” requests that Obama administration officials made for intelligence reports that mentioned Flynn. Grenell declassified that list earlier this month, and it was released on May 13.

“Those are coming,” Grenell wrote to Swalwell. “It’s very important for the public to see ALL of them.”

He then took a swipe at the Democratic congressman, writing that “for too long the public has been misled.”

“Just compare your committee’s transcripts to your public statements!” MORE

7 Comments on Grenell Says He Is Working To Declassify More Flynn Documents

  1. I hope he has very good bodyguards. The scumbags who corrupted our top government positions are desperate to cover for themselves and the Kenyan.

  2. I’m sure the deep state is finding a Russian link to Grenell, well not finding, actually creating a phony story/claim. That’s all they know these days, when someone finds anything damning on them. They have no plans to clean their dirty act up on their own.

  3. Miss Kitty; Your right, damn few helping hands are helping flush the swamp. Where are all those loyal Americans we’ve heard whispers about???

  4. Weird that none of the House oversight committees have called him in for questioning. Are they afraid of him?


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