Greta Climate Case Thrown Out by the United Nations

WUWT: Greta Thunberg has learned the hard way that UN bureaucrats don’t cut short their lunch breaks for anyone. The United Nations has ruled they cannot hear Great Thunberg’s climate complaint, because she has not gone through the correct procedure. more

10 Comments on Greta Climate Case Thrown Out by the United Nations

  1. “Membership has it’s privileges”

    Looks like she’s finding out she’s NOT a member and just another useful idiot!

  2. Sorry kiddo.
    You have outlived your usefulness to the UN.
    We have the pampered royals of GB lecturing us now.
    They have more *ahem* credibility.

    (Even though they fly private, have numerous gigantic homes, tons of heavy armored vehicles, etc)

  3. And she acts surprised when she’s spoken down to and put upon because no one likes her. Her and that rat faced Hogg kid need to be locked up and the keys thrown away because they’ll never stop their blabbering.


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