Greta Forced To Apologize After Mistranslation Leads to Firing Squad Reference

Western Journal: If the entire world is in mortal danger from an elite few, why aren’t those few people simply taken care of?

It’s the logical conclusion that climate change alarmists could eventually arrive at, and a mistranslation in a speech given by infamous Swedish truant Greta Thunberg seemed to hint at it before she later corrected herself.

During a visit to Turin, Italy, on Friday, Thunberg greeted a large group gathered for a Fridays for Future protest.

“The COP25 meeting, which is happening in Madrid right now, is almost over,” Thunberg told the crowd, referring to the 2019 United Nations Climate Change Conference. “And we unfortunately probably already know the outcome. World leaders are still trying to run away from their responsibilities, but we have to make sure that they cannot do that.

“We will make sure that we put them against the wall, and that they will have to do their job and to protect our futures.” read more

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  1. Yeah, when Saint Greta goes off script, her handlers have to reel her back in. One of those handlers, Luisa Marie Neubauer has quite a resume. Click on some of the links within this American Thinker piece.

    Lots of tentacles going lots of ways. More here.

  2. Yeah, but these are the kind of nutcases that think a global pandemic to reduce the population to ‘sustainable’ levels is a right and moral prerogative
    She’s gonna be pissed when they don’t invite her into the bunkers

  3. She knew exactly what she was saying. I’ve yet to see how they reported the audience reaction which I would guess was excited a bit more than people being held to account.

    I want to round every Democrat onto a train and ship them straight to the gas chamber. Oh, English is my second language. In my native tongue, that just means that I want to persuade the nonbelievers with the overwhelming strength of my well reasoned argument.

    The Daily Mail had about 20 pics of the prodigal Climate Jugend marching around behind the scenes with a scowl on its face. They need to check its hairline for the 666.

  4. It’s always fun reading about some uneducable nitwit using language that the Italian or German fascists would have used in the decades when they rose to power. Especially when they use the same language where opponents to the real fascists were put up against many walls in Mussolini’s Italy and Hitler’s Germany. These same people have no problem comparing their political opponents as modern day Hitlers and Mussolinis. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and President Donald Trump were called Hitler more often than any other name since they were elected by the same people who really would put us up against a wall if they ever gained power.

  5. “Thunberg apologized over Twitter and attributed the mistake to her having improvised a speech in English, which is not her native language.”

    I see a bright future in (left-wing) politics for this little twit.

  6. Well at least she’s learning how to retract her words when she realizes that the crowd didn’t like going that extreme. The nasty little crunt knew exactly what her words meant and she meant every syllable. Greta, there is likely going to be a lot of people put against the wall however it just won’t be the ones you want.

  7. Greta bears a remarkable resemblance to those female concentration camp guards captured when the allied forces liberated at the wars end.
    Young, but a face etched by deeply held anger and cruelty.

  8. Her young ignorance of language should be an indicator of her ignorance iin other areas if she just takes about 50 years to think about it! Sadly however, I think she’ll be a life-long Yutz.

  9. Fascist book gave me 30 days in fascistbook jail for posting pictures of Greta and a NAZI firing squad together. They claim it was for promoting violence.

    Figure that one out.

  10. “Fascist book gave me 30 days in fascistbook jail for posting pictures of Greta and a NAZI firing squad together. They claim it was for promoting violence.

    Figure that one out.”

    You spoke truth to the wrong power.

  11. CNN this morning has a rant by Brooke Baldwin, a talking head I have never heard before. She says: I just have to get this off my chest re: the treatment by the WH of Greta Thunberg in comparison to Barron Trump’s treatment during the impeachment hearing.

    So, she ackowledges that Greta travels the world, giving speaches and inserting herself in the global discussion about climate change, and also acknowleges that Barron is not an activist, but a 13 year old boy who wants and desires privacy, as described by his mother Melania.

    Conservatives jumped to defend Barron.

    But she thinks that it is appalling for Trump to criticise Thunberg, mostly because she is only 16 years old. She does not bother to see the real differences in the two situations, that Thunberg has involved herself into a contentious issue, and Barron wants to be left alone.

    She thus accuses Barron’s defenders of something (not sure what) for their lack of defending Thunberg.

    These CNN people do not have a handle on reality at all.

  12. Aww c’mon, she only repeated what she was told to say. Spudberg is like Obama, lost at sea without prepared remarks or in Obama’s world, the teleprompter. Now after all the blowback she’s going into “down time” mode. Don’t forget to enjoy your country’s vibrant diversity!

    Bonus: Spudberg caught lying.

  13. @Joe

    I remember the Swedish Bikini Team that parachuted into a campsite where the guys had run out of beer. Each SBT member had a case of Milwaukee Beer, to the relief of the guys had consumed all of theirs.

    As I recall, the feminazis felt a great deal of pain in their vaginas and a-holes and managed to get the commercial pulled.

  14. “World leaders are still trying to ruin our lives, but we have to make sure that they cannot do that.”

    “We have to make sure that we put them up against the firing squad, and that they will have to do their job and stop this bullshit.”

    FIFY, Greta.

  15. Greta is lying. As a multi-generation American descended from Dumb Swedes, while still in regular contact with relations back in the Olde Country, I can assure you that every Swede is FLUENTLY bilingual in Swedish AND English.

    GRETA KNEW DAMN WELL WHAT SHE WAS SAYING WHEN SHE SAID PUT THEM AGAINST THE WALL. Greta Scumberg is a Socialist red-diaper baby, brainwashed from birth by far Left parents. And she receives her backing from the Watermelons in the billions-funded professional Environmental Industry. Watermelons – GREEN on the outside, RED on the inside.


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