Greta Thunberg Attacks Greenie COP27 UN Summit and Who is to Argue With Her? – IOTW Report

Greta Thunberg Attacks Greenie COP27 UN Summit and Who is to Argue With Her?


By Monica Showalter

The United Nations is holding a ritzy greenie summit extravaganza called COP27 in the tourist mecca of Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt.

Last time we heard about that place, it was the site of a bloody Islamist massacre of tourists that left 224 dead, back in 2015.

Nice place.

Now they’re holding a pricey United Nations summit, no different from all the other summits that came before it. The agenda, of course, is to shake money out of the “rich” countries on nominal behalf of the poor, and watch it all go to consultants.

These extravaganzas attact the Davos crowd, plus world leaders, reportedly some 90 of them, as well as rich characters like Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, exhorting us to ride the bus and eat bugs, while they jet in on a humongous carbon trail from their private jets, drink white wine and dine on chateaubriand and lobster for the trouble of telling us. Big corporations, steeped in wokester ideology known as ESG, serve as moneybag sponsors — Microsoft, Vodafone, Coca-Cola, Cisco, and Boston Consulting, are a few noted on the COP27 website, and there likely are more. Their job is making money and they see government money.

Naturally, Joe Biden is going. Since when has the dotard-in-chief ever turned down an opportunity to make a fool of himself on the world stage? We can expect Biden wandering off and getting lost, Biden farting for royalty, Biden having “bathroom incidents” and Biden wondering why no one wants to stand next to him in the world leader photos, which are all hallmarks of his past travel to such events. Anyone who thinks this one will be different is living in fantasyland. MORE

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  1. Funny how everyone else should not travel, not have children, not protect themselves & not own anything except for these Leeches on Society.

    Hey Gates, Can you still code or do you pay a brown person to do it for you while you mark up their labour 900% & make the western customers pay?

    And Greta, you and your asshole parents can walk or ride a bike you hypocrites.

  2. Slap her in the mouth with Pelosi’s hammer. He’s not using it right now. (But wipe the handle off with disinfectant before you pick it up. The handle was probably shoved up Nancy’s asshole.)

  3. Maybe the filthy fukkin ragheads’ll kill another 224 of those maggots?

    I wouldn’t shed any tears.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Greta Thunberg- The clueless autistic Swedish teen with the resting bitch face who is being thoroughly exploited by her parents.


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