Greta van Susteren, The Marxist Moron of the Day

TheDaleyGator: It takes a lot to win one of my Marxist Moron Awards. To emerge with one of these, an individual has to possess a level of cluelessness, and must be completely unaware of history, and common sense.

greta van susteren on the record

Great van Susteren is an unlikely winner, I never thought she would be so out of touch with reality as to suggest we can curb gangs and criminals by “controlling bullets” Yes, really.

As Daniel John Sobieski at American Thinker notes, Greta just jumped into the Pit of Eternal Stupidity, with shovel in hand-MORE

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  1. Everybody knows that penises are just out there, anybody can get a penis, so to control rape we need to be a little bit smarter and go for testicle control.

  2. I own and shoot firearms where the bullet is installed separately from the charge, but the woman is still a moron.

  3. The “smart thing” to do would be to shoot all the progressive anti-gunners first and burn all of their dangerous rules and regulations that should have never been passed in the first place.

    I have another batch of casings freshly cleaned, sized, expanded, and ready to prime and load.
    The trick, in this evil day and age, is to store them (tens of thousands of rounds and extra firearms and mags) where they can never be found by unconstitutional government thugs. We have a government that has proven that it can NEVER be trusted.

  4. Big Gov Rino republicans hate your rights and freedoms just as much as the demoncrats.
    – Anyone who doubts this only needs to look at the last seven years.
    – We the people will return to Constitutional governance only by removing those who think that government gives us our rights and replacing them with servants who understand that We the People limit what government may do.
    – Until then we should have an adversarial relationship with the political royalty and all who support such an evil beast (are your ears burning “NeverTrump” people?).

    These are words to live by:

    Our elected representatives however don’t trust you and want you disarmed. They want to deprive you of a basic human right. They want to make sure you are defenseless and reliant on the state for assistance from criminals.

    call your local anti second amendment politician and ask them if they want the government to give up their guns, or do they just want to disarm law abiding citizens. Ask your favorite Anti-Gun celebrity if they will give up their own armed guards?

    – Independent people have little need for intrusive governments,
    – While a weak and dependent populace does.
    – Slaves are much easier to manage when they are unarmed, defenseless and dependent.

    Free men do NOT ask government for permission.

    MSG Grumpy

  5. “Also has a mouth like a torn pocket.”

    Thirdtwin owes me some iced tea. My fault for drinking and reading.

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