Gretchen Whitmer has her ‘let them eat cake’ moment

American Thinker:
By Thomas Lifson.

Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer has become a laughingstock for imposing draconian lockdown restrictions on her constituents while her own family violates them. Her husband was caught red-handed demanding special treatment because of his wife’s office in violating her restrictions on boating and use of vacation houses, something she first lied about and then tried to pass off as a joke.

But yesterday, she topped herself and uttered a phrase that should live on as her emblem of indifference to the suffering of those whom she oppresses.  Like the final generation French aristocrats before the revolution, she causally revealed her cluelessness of the misery of those she oppresses.

For those whose hair is too long, uncomfortable, or whose roots are showing her “let them eat cake” solution is to Google how to do a hair cut.  more

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  1. She should ggogle how to treat gunshot wounds.

    (My suggestion comes from risk analysis, and should not be taken to be encouragement or intent. Neener.)

  2. Not entirely sure why, but I always think of Frau Blucher when I see pictures of Whitmer.

  3. Yeah, Google it…

    “How to cut my hair”


    Okay, then google…

    “How to cut my hair whitmer“

    …whitmer thomas

    Google, predictable as the sunrise.

  4. Noteworthy is every politician and media hack has shown clear signs of professional grooming since the shutdown in March. Name one that has a bad haircut or overgrown hair. Elitism are irs finest.

  5. I was just talking to my Aunt who told me her and her daughter drove to Indiana to go to a beauty salon and out to eat. She said there were more Michigan license plates there than Indiana.

  6. Love the second pic in the article. You can bet there’s a horror movie with that same shot somewhere.

    I think of ‘Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS’

    She does have that Ubersturmbannfuhrer vibe.

  7. Dust Bunny Queen
    JUNE 5, 2020 AT 8:19 AM
    “I see her as Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”

    …IDK, in my youth when this movie came out, with her well-coifed hair, starched little cap, and classic white stocking look, I always thought that Nurse Ratched was kinda…hot…

    …Forehead Gretch, OTOH, no, not then, not now, not EVER would APPROACH attractive, but that’s just ME…

  8. Lilly Munster’s evil twin. No doubt she was kept locked up in the attic for the entire run of The Munster’s reality show.

  9. She’s 48 years old. You know she has some gray hair. Yet, after all of these months, she has no roots showing. She is getting her dyed somewhere. I just don’t see her running down to a CVS that hasn’t been looted yet and picking up a box of Miss Clairol hair coloring.

  10. “laughingstock…”

    She’s not funny anymore. Not that we’ve seen the fraud of the covid flu: it was used merely to isolate young people, pay them exorbitant unemployment and rev them up for rioting.

    Now that garcetti surrendered Los Angeles to black lives matters, only the lbind can’t see we’re in a civil war, people.

    And now, the rat defense secretary Esper disarmed the National Guard in DC behind Trump’s back, it’s apparent they’re gunning for Trump directly: remember, a million paid protesters are coming to DC this weekend: they will mob the White House.


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