Greyhound bus chased by police after an illegal threatens passengers

FOX: A man aboard a Greyhound bus who allegedly threatened to shoot and kill fellow passengers on Friday, leading police on a chase that began in Wisconsin and ended in Illinois, is an illegal immigrant, and is now facing terror charges.

Police responded to a call around 9:40 p.m. Friday from a bus passenger who claimed there was a person threatening to kill people, Fox 6 reported, citing the Racine County Sheriff’s Department.

Margarito Vargas-Rosas, 33, of Chicago, was reportedly pacing the aisle toward the back of the bus, and appeared to draw what passengers thought was a weapon from his waistband.  read more

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  1. This story is so sad. He had NO weapon. Yet he held a bus load of people hostage. WTF? Do we have ANY MEN in this country anymore?

  2. This a case where a passenger should have shot the bastard. Then shot the stupid bus driver as a sort of a bonus.

  3. “This a case where a passenger should have shot the bastard.”
    Really? How many where armed? That’s a stupid damn thing to say. reality is this guy was threatening peeps with No GUN. I would have choked his ass out. Nobody was armed on that bus slick. It was Illy to Wisconsin. Both communist states

  4. Hey Brad in the old days the 3.52 from NY Port Authority to
    Middletown NY, Rosas would get his ass kicked just for walking up and down the aisle. Workers don’t like to be disturbed after a day’s work. We are sinking.

  5. Wanna bet the driver was an alien too?

    Do they do scans on greyhound yet?

    Once did a trip from NE to CT with a soft cooler and powered by 16oz cans. Nothing to see here🤭 the worst area was shitccago. Stinky fucks.

  6. Tommy. I can’t even tell you how much I agree. Where are the men today?? Even if he had a gun, they would have shoved it up his ass.

  7. Yes Brad, but you have to remember that the 3.52pm from The Port was full of construction workers going from New York, thru New Jersey, and back to New York. Some tough MoFo’s on that MOFO. Whereas the 9.50 pm bus from Wisconsin to Illinois was probably filled with theater goers, shoppers, and a variety of other pussies. Just sayin.’ Besides, the whole story sucks. Stay well Bro.

  8. They’re all racists for not wanting him to shithole them all.

  9. @B-B –
    society has forced metro-sexual ‘boys’ on us for years. If you are a ‘man’ and react to a situation that requires a man. You are already pre-judged as a troglodyte, mouth breather, short bus rider, or any other 1000 of derogatory descriptions.

    My nephew, who’m i dont claim, shaves his body. Arms, legs, chest. He’s 32 living in his parents basement. Gets his mom to shave his back.

    I want to hurl when i see him.

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