Grotesque Amelia Bonow Indoctrinates Kids On the Wonder of Abortion

What a horrible video. Grotesque Amelia Bonow, the monster who started the “Shout Your Abortion” hashtag and movement, sits down with kids to discuss abortion.

It’s depressing to hear these (purposely handpicked) kid’s opinions on when life begins. One kid says a fetus is like a sea cucumber, another laughs because there are people who “actually believe a fetus is a human being.”

The one kid that has a sliver of hope about the sanctity of life is challenged as if he’s a defective.

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  1. Come the Day of the Lord, it would have been better for her if someone had cast her into the sea with a rock around her neck. I have that on very good Authority.

  2. Barnhardt Podcast #072: Milo and Voris (part: Jeremiah)

    I watched the Amelia Bonow YouTube yesterday morning and then listened to most of this podcast on my way to work and there is a discussion of the dynamics homosexual pederast exploitation of kids in the latter that impressed me as not all that different than the indoctrination that these radical abortion fans engage kids in.

    She is one sick puppy.

  3. It will still take a while, but this was the cultural “reset” that was the core of POTUS Trump’s SOTU address.

    1. Reaffirm the sanctity of human life: posed in his remark that all babies/people “born and unborn” are made in the image of God Almighty.

    2. Acknowledge our spiritual commission and secure (safeguard) the blessing of life:

    Make our citizens safe from drug addiction and human trafficking (bondage/slavery), murder and mayhem caused by people who do not observe or share our cultural value of the sanctity of life.

    3. Rise to the song of our better angels — to Greatness. To be good. To be Godly people under the God of our fathers. POTUS Trump was not calling us to be a “great” economic power or a “great” military power. He understands these things to be both the result and the responsibility of spiritual Greatness; to use our spiritual blessings to serve as a beacon of righteousness and as a vanguard to human freedom.

    If you look at the Left in the U.S., they are diametrically opposed to all three of these things. As we reset our culture — and we will — and as people like this woman become increasingly obvious for pushing such odious ideas as they do, we will start to see their popularity decline rapidly. I think we are going through — the unthinking followers of the Left are going through — the period of disintegration (seeing the stark ravings of those they thought were right) that is always necessary before they can reintegrate their psyches with the truth of these matters. It’s a difficult and often painful process to admit, even privately, that you had it wrong or that you didn’t think things through to the place you were being led.

  4. AA – You say it much more eloquently, I would just say that the left generally supports the evil one and one of his false gods Moloch and thus have no ability to support the 3 points you made.

  5. What a hideous gargoyle. It’s not enough that she had the ghastly procedure but feels the need to boast about it to children. Sometimes there just aren’t words to describe these fiends.

  6. I still can’t believe somebody screwed her in the first place. What kind of parents allow their kids to participate in something like this?
    Too bad her mother apparently didn’t have the right to choose.

  7. @ Dan Ryan Galt FEBRUARY 7, 2019 AT 8:51 AM

    What kind of parents allow their kids…

    Progs see kids as pawns to be used as props to forward their political causes and as fashion accessories.

  8. Comment posted under refutation youtube I linked to above

    Federico Lecca
    20 hours ago (edited)
    Deep down, she’s full of regret and she suffers a lot, guaranteed. That’s why, as a defense mechanism, she has to compulsively tell everyone about it and seek reassurance in the fact that lots of people agree with what she did – at least superficially – essentially because they fear offending her or other women in her situation.

    This snowballs into a massive circlejerk, in which these women desperately try to find redemption from the fact that they actually killed their own offspring; obviously, it doesn’t work… BUT – in their heads – the more they normalize it (by ‘spreading awareness’ as much as possible) the more they can avoid that horrible feeling of completely rational and justified self-hatred.


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