Group files FEC complaint based on O’Keefe video

AmericanThinker: A public interest election integrity organization has filed suit with the FEC alleging illegal cooperation between the Clinton campaign and their primary super-PAC, among other organizations.

The suit is based on a series of videos by Project Veritas that show several political operatives bragging about being an illegal conduit between the campaign and left-wing groups in violation of federal law.

Washington Free Beacon:

The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), an Indiana-based group that litigates to protect election integrity, submitted thecomplaint Tuesday to the Office of the General Counsel at the FEC claiming that Hillary Clinton’s campaign committee and other left-wing groups may have violated campaign finance laws.

“This complaint is based on information and belief that respondents have engaged in public communications, campaign activity, targeted voter registration drives, and other targeted GOTV [get out the vote] activity under 11 C.F.R. 100.26 and 11 C.F.R. 114.4 at the request, direction, and approval of the Hillary for America campaign committee and the Democratic National Committee in violation of 11 C.F.R. 109.20 and 11 C.F.R. 114.4(d)(2) and (3),” the complaint states.  MORE

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  1. the FEC isn’t run by democrat bureaucrats is it?

    because that worked out so well with the fbi and the doj when it came to hilary recently.

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