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Groves Of Giant Sequoias Burn In California

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Firefighters on Friday were able to keep a slowly advancing wildfire away from the most famous grove of giant sequoia trees at Sequoia National Park, the Giant Forest, which is home to five of the world’s 10 largest trees, including the largest of them all, the General Sherman Tree.

But as fire crews and park lovers focused attention on that iconic area — where some of the massive trees had been wrapped with fireproof aluminum blankets — nearby flames were already burning into different groves of ancient sequoias with trees at least 200 feet tall and 2,000 years old. More

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  1. …Or you could have paid people to manage the forest (PHYSICALLY) instead of allowing Wild Fires & these Trees to be used as Pawns in your Global Warming Conspiracy while you paid Lazy Fucks on Welfare!

    The Welfare Sates FAULT!

  2. Was just there a month ago; stately, beautiful, and impressive trees. Very, very sad.

    Also very angry. Most of the recent CA fires could have been prevented (certainly minimized) if we had INTELLIGENT, non-rapacious people running our state.

  3. Friemd of mine is dying of pancreatic cancer. He’s end-stage and refusing further treatment because there’s no medical optimism it can do more than extend his days lightly, but absolute certainty that it will fill those days with sickness and pain.

    I mention this because he was going to try to do a bucket list item before h8s end.

    Ride his motorcycle through a tree, as he put it.

    Pretty minor thing in the scope of the world. Not an unreasonable goal if his body and fellow bikers can get him there.

    But Democrats ruin everything.

    This fire is directly due to their lies and the forest mismanagement in service of their lies.

    Not the biggest thing in the world that this father of 3 be denied a final wish, perhaps.

    But sad nonetheles, doubly so because it was completely avoidable but for power-mad fear mongers.

    His name is Ed. I don’t think he has the Lord as his savior.

    Please pray that he comes to Him before the end.

  4. HUH. Acronym for
    Hello UHaul.

    Rent a truck. Pack up. Leave that God forsaken shit hole of a state. I did it in 1977.

    Might do the same this year. Virginia is on the bubble for me.

  5. Scariest part? After their beautiful state is completely destroyed, what part of America are they going to infect next?


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