Gruesome Social Media Post Leads to a Six-Year-Old’s Rescue in Michigan

An unidentified six-year-old Michigan girl posted a picture of a pit bull gnawing on her dead father’s face to the internet over the weekend. The grandparents informed authorities and were able to rescue the girl and her unconscious stepmother.

It appears the couple, who lived just outside of Flint, MI, had OD’d. 24 hours earlier and when efforts to wake the pair from bed failed, the daughter shared the awful picture with the internet. More @ WREG

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  1. Of topic, but related. How can there be questions about the methods of carrying out executions when heroin and fentanyl seem so efficient? From what I’ve read some of these guys are dead before they can even get the needle out of their arms.

  2. Two less scumbag abusers in the world on their way to meet satan…. good riddance to bad rubbish.

    Maybe now the little girl can have a chance at a normal life through relatives or failing that, foster care or even an orphanage would be a step up from living with two junkies for parents.

    Say a prayer for the little girl, she needs it.

  3. what about the dog? it ate the face of the dead guy thus eating his flesh which contained his drug’s. Shouldn’t peta be concerned? The Lord must be shaking his head wondering why he has allowed this world to continue in the state it is in when he drowned the world for less…

  4. I agree with Different Tim, about how the girl knew how to use fake book, but not 911.

    “… A 6-year-old Michigan girl who was left alone…”
    She wasn’t alone. She was in the company of junkies, doing what junkies do.
    A brutal reality.

  5. I don’t mean to be morose, but I am just curious-
    do you think the parents might have been using ‘free’ syringes? Some say that guns kill people and want to take them away, and then they give out syringes. Novel.

    This little girl will be in my prayers tonight.

  6. Obamanomics in action: The huge increase in people on disability? They got disability by claiming back pain and fibromyalgia, which can’t be disproved. If you can get a doctor to diagnose you with one of those, you also get pain med prescriptions. Social Security disability doesn’t pay much, but it leaves you lots of free time for scamming and working under the table and you could even sell your meds.

    It’s like a govt. program to train people to be scammers and addicts. I used to run a small motel, I’d rent rooms by the week during the slow season. I got to where I’d refuse weekly rates to anyone who mentioned “social security”.

    Sadly, a lot of ODs occur after an attempt to get off the stuff – their tolerance decreases rapidly, and when they fall back onto the habit they miscalculate the dose – take as much as they’re used to and it kills them.

    If we are to provide a social safety net, it must not be attractive enough that people will want it – that’s the only way to avoid perverse incentives resulting in ever more scammers, addicts. single moms and govt employees to manage them.

    Poor houses would be much better than our current system. Make them open to anyone who wants in, but something to be avoided if possible & eliminate all the welfare and subsidized housing bureaucracy (a huge crony scam which tears down cheap housing and replaces it with more expensive subsidized housing). Having poorhouses available could even provide a way out when the Social Security ponzi scheme inevitably implodes.

  7. They didn’t teach her to call 911 because that would bring police to their door. Gotta guard their stash. 😡

  8. @Marry Poppet – my wife had the same thought / explanation when I showed her this story.

    Our church picks up a lot of kids from poor families for Wednesday night youth activities that she is involved with. Many of the families are poor because the parents are druggies. Some of the kids have asked if they can go home with one of the adult leaders rather than be taken back to their own homes. Heart breaking when told if they did that their parents might forbid them from ever going to the church again.


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