Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa Says New York Is Out Of Control

Curtis Sliwa lets Mayor Bill DeBlasio have it.

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  1. You linked an interview with Gulliani and him a few weeks ago and it was fascinating. He knows everyone and had a million stories to tell. Gotti had him almost murdered!

    If anyone is plugged into NYC, it’s Curtis. Hell, he should run.

  2. Cop buddy of mine says Toronto Violent crime, mental distress & domestics are all way up but the media is keeping their mouths shut.


  3. I’ll make a prediction. All of these Democrat mayors of cities supporting riots will get booted in their own upcoming elections.
    Democrats can not get away with destroying everyone else’s homes and businesses any more.

  4. New York City is the way the people there want it to be.

    If it wasn’t the people would elect someone else who would do something about it.

    Or do something about it themselves.

    But they don’t, so they want it to stay the way it is.

  5. mickey moussaoui – I really, really hope that is the case, but what I fear is actually happening is that democRATs are intentionally driving out the regular, hard-working, law-abiding, over taxed-paying, God-fearing citizens leaving behind a higher percentage of dead-beats, Snow Flakes, mentally ill Transgenders, screaming me-me mushroom-heads, laughably stupid, bird-brained, communist useful idiots and of course Trump-haters in general content with living in run-down, shot-up, burned-out, poverty-stricken, crime-ridden, rat-infested, urine-soaked, feces-friendly, certified Shit-Holes who will gladly vote for these miserable Communists over and over again in return for “free shit”! The playbook is out there. It’s called Venezuela!

  6. TRF: Let the Stupids quarantine themselves within the city limits and without American taxpayer funds. Divine justice.

  7. TRF,
    I believe that they are past the utopia phase of Venezuela and have moved into the “we hate this – throw the bums out” phase.
    I hope I am right and they are able to vote out these “progressive” leaders. That is if the leaders haven’t been able to prepare enough vote fraud to continue.


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