Guatemalan President Says Biden‘s Border ‘Confusion’ Is Encouraging Smugglers To Exploit Children – IOTW Report

Guatemalan President Says Biden‘s Border ‘Confusion’ Is Encouraging Smugglers To Exploit Children

Daily Caller: WASHINGTON, D.C.– The Biden administration’s messaging on immigration has created “confusion” that human smugglers and traffickers have exploited, Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei told the Daily Caller News Foundation in an interview.

Giammattei said smugglers know it’s easier to get people into the U.S. illegally under the Biden administration as a family, and that smugglers have used children, whether biological or not, in order to get their clients across the border. He mentioned the Biden administration’s effort to codify the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which prevents migrants brought to the U.S. as children from being immediately deported, as exacerbating the problem.

“Right now there has been confusion with the messages. When they say we are going to codify all the children who have their parents here, what the coyotes say there is not convenient for them [the migrants]. ‘Let’s see. Grab the children and come,’ That child may be related, he may not be related. Wanting a child is the coyotes’ way of manipulating people,” Giammattei told TheDCNF.

The Biden administration in May 2021 reversed DNA testing of migrants, a policy Trump introduced in September 2020, according to CNN. When the policy was introduced it intended to expand biometric and DNA testing that “guards against identity theft and thwarts fraudsters who are not who they claim to be,” former Deputy Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Ken Cuccinelli said.

Giammattei said smugglers are exploiting the lack of checks on families, bringing in people who aren’t related as family units when they cross the U.S.-Mexico border.

In 2019, Cucinelli said that a pilot program for DNA testing of migrants had found about 30% of families to be “fake” and not actually related, according to the Austin American-Statesman. more

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  1. Why is it that the Guatemalan president can see things that our president does not? Some people might think it’s time for a change. Others might think it’s past time.

  2. Yet another example of the progressive movement’s policy of increasing innocent human suffering, misery and death in order to please their dark Prince. This isn’t rocket science. Everything they advocate for is designed with that in mind and examination of what happens each and every time they seize power and are in a position to put their schemes into practice ultimately results in increased innocent human suffering, misery and death and that pleases their dark prince. Name one example of their policies in action that hasn’t.

  3. Others have built bunkers or cabins in the mountains and have stockpiled food and weapons. Others, still, are farming their land like they never have before while stockpiling firewood.

    Everyone is thinking it. This sucker’s gonna blow.

  4. JOE BIDEN is a known child molester and predator who has deliberately set up his ‘abortion for all’ website, particularly targeting kids 15 years old and younger, for the purposes of being stalked, lured, and kidnapped by other predators and child traffickers. Same goes for these border human smuggler and traffickers which is why Biden had numerous illegals shipped inside of nailed wood crates-coffins to cross the borders undetected. Confirmed and filmed by US border agents and private citizens with professional photography equipment.

  5. Yeah, the pedophiles running the nation are really deeply concerned about exploiting children. /s

  6. Boy this is better than the morning comic section. God still loves you even if your light is not so bright up stairs.

  7. If Americans went Best Korea on the border (and let the axed apart remains float down the river), it wouldn’t take more than a few weeks to solve this “problem”.

    (Apologies to The Bolshevik Chamber of Commerce. And Better York banksters. And boomers that “need” their lawns scaped.)

  8. What ever this peice of shit is claiming is not worth buying. Trump’s remain in Mexico has been in effect. But when these 3rd world countries keep sending their over populated citizens to the US border by the thousands, yes border agents are having a hard time keeping up. There is no open fucking door policy nor a welcome sign. Just hordes of these motherfuckers. Maybe it’s time to make the tuff decision about open hunting season on the older ones & try if possible to send their demon seed back where them came from.

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