Guess the Reader

For some reason our last reader proved to be too easy —> ZILLA.

Here is our next reader, which is an interesting one. They provided their baby and their adult versions for your consideration:


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  1. Zilla was my third guess and that’s because, after considering the picture for a while, she just looked like the personality we all love. That was a great picture for revealing what was behind the eyes. Nice pic, Mare.

  2. I don’t know which one is prettier….oh same same.
    Ah….I’m sticking with the girls this time. AA!

  3. Good Grief! There are some fine looking women hanging around here… again, I haven’t a clue but DANG!

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  4. Claudia — Well, Plain Jane and I were just discussing our sewing hobbies and if that is her, then I’ll bet she made that great dress she’s wearing. Nice, friendly, open face. Could describe so many here, but I’m sticking with Plain Jane on this one.

  5. I again was going to say AA…but AA says it’s PlainJane so I’ll go with that. Love her cute hairstyle! 😊

  6. Claudia — very.

    I can’t remember Plain Jane’s roots, but both pictures look like solid mid-western (Minnesota/Michigan) stock. That “ski jump” nose tells me there’s some Scandihoovian in that thar DNA.

  7. If Brown Eyed Girl hasn’t already submitted a photo, I’m going with her.
    She’s lovely, whomever she is. Looks joyful, friendly.

  8. It’s Zonga or MJA!

    No wait, I’m Zonga, and if I look like MJA, like everybody says, she’s not a red head either.

    what did I win?

  9. Red Skelton?
    Redd Foxx?
    Freddy J. McReady?
    Red Buttons?
    The Farkle Family?
    … Ferd Berffle?

  10. Don’t have a clue, but I’m overwhelmed by the fact there are so many “Smokin’ Hotties” here!

  11. She’s so cute, but the only resemblence to me is her short cut. Mine now is quite similar, but shorter,

  12. Reddecaessari an that’ my final offer. She has an impish fun look and that lady just would use Mother Angelica pic for fun.

  13. Mr. Hat no giving us clues it’s fun just to guess.
    Who cares if we are wrong, when you let us know it is a surprise.

  14. Wondering if she has a mustachioed building superintendent named Shneider and if she has Valerie Bertinelli’s number in her phone.

    Totally cute.


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