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Our last reader was Red Grandma!

Here is another friend  —>

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  1. I guess I should have paid attention to Fur’s hint on Red Grandma. Great pictures!

    This guess: I’m going with Plain Jane again.

  2. Dangit! Yet another fine looking woman! This one appears as though she can take care of herself too…. NOT that the others cannot. I am still clueless. Fun game though.

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  3. Oops, just saw Plain Jane’s guess, so nix that.

    New Guess: I’m really stumped this time.

    (Claudia: could we have a list of all the women readers, please?)

  4. I agree AA. We have a lot of readers who seem to be more seasonal than others, but their names totally escape me when I try to guess.

    There are times I can’t get here for weeks. That happens to many of us.

  5. Very pretty Gal from good sturdy American stock.Maybe some Scot or Norwegian Heritage…..German?…..Looks like she could have been an Olympic swimmer….

  6. I’d like to see more of the boys’ pics! Can you please post BENITO’s pic in between the girls until more guys send theirs in? LOL!

  7. AA, that would be a good idea. I’m sure that the list would be too long to list here, but maybe Fur could come up with one and post the file. I would think he could get one from the statistics he gets about who views the site.

    How about it, Fur?

  8. Zonga and MJA have never been seen in the same room at the same time with the same wax lips….

  9. Could it be Tina lady gun Shaw, without her six shooters?
    Who remembers Tina from way back? She hasn’t been around lately. I hope she comes back.

  10. Zonga.. lolol.

    Oh the waxed lips was Zonga? How cute!!! I didn’t get a chance to see the result. I guessed Red Grandma right, before this! woohoo!

  11. OK this photo. Who ever this is, you remind me of the Greek goddess Athina. As a kid, back in the old country (lol) there were statuettes everywhere of the gods and minor gods, half gods, etc. in Gift shops, tourist spots, you name em. And you remind me of Athina. But instead of a shield, you have cute dog. 😀

  12. @ RottyLover….Your husbands spark will always burn bright in your heart…

    Norwegian, Scot, or German? and did you swim in the Olympics?….

  13. Willygoatsgruff, mostly English,Irish and Scotch from family tales. Who knows? And I could barely dog paddle. I rode and trained horses. That’s what I was good at. Not a bad dog trainer either. And yes,the Mr. will always be a bright light in my heart, until my last breath. I am hoping he makes it until our 40th in July.

  14. @RottyLover….He will…
    My Scot/Irish ancestors declared a line of retreat near Glenfiddich, but were roused to take a stand near Glenlivit. After a horrendous battle they took a good long stand at Laphrouig. Eventually they they set up roots near Guinness and pissed of the locals who threw them a going away party on the Titanic. Ice is bad for good scotch and Guinness so they swam to shore and founded New Foundland where they cornered the market on crappy kipper snacks….Your welcome for crappy kipper snacks….

  15. RottyLover

    Man am I slow !
    Even when you outed yourself by naming your dog I was still trying to identify who you were. I am not good at this.


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