Guess the Reader

Our last reader was ……. Chalupa!

Here’s our next reader-

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  1. “But it was here just a second ago!?”

    (Delayed reaction to having her bottle removed for the picture. The face registers the squall about to happen.)

    Now who is this adorable, cuddly child?

    Tired Mom or Beach Mom

  2. It’s an old Indian name…she looks grumpy….

    “Zonga who needs to poop” or ‘MJA who’s Hair is parted tight”…so……..I vote for Jethro…

    “he of the rubic cube sleepwear”

  3. Looks like she is learning the itsy bitsy spider on dads lap at bed time. What a cutie.
    Or she is counting up her loses. The Big Owe?

  4. @Abigail – that’s my brother and me in 63 – he’s five years older than me. He’s more on mom’s Slovakian side – I’m more on dad’s Swedish English side. Twenty years ago I was always told I look like Jeff Daniels. Now that my hair is gone I always get George Washington. Jeff played George in an HBO movie, so I guess it all makes sense.

  5. Chalupa — Well, you can sure see the Swede/English there! Very handsome lad.

    I remember a similar picture take with my older sister in matching dresses — about the same ages (my sis is 4 years older than I).

    And I remember that Jeff Daniels as Washington movie, “The Crossing.” Do you now look like your dad when he was your current age?

  6. Abigail – I’ve looked like my dad at all stages of my life – the main difference was that he weighed 135 pounds all his life and I like to eat…he still had a full head of hair at 95 but thanks to my Hungarian mama mine fell out. I miss them both every day.

  7. Chalupa – nice to see another 1/2 Slovak here. Me too, on my mom’s side.

    I’m guessing this one is either Plain Jane or Zonga.

  8. @Riverlife – did you hear the one about the Swedish Hungarian? lol …the gubmint at the turn of the 20th century worried about the mutts that would result from the inter breeding of higher and lower European races – I think we turned out ok 🙂

  9. Chalupa — I love hearing family stories. We are such a varied people and the miracle of it: Out of many, one. When you stop to think about it, it really is miraculous in all the world. The only country built — at least initially — by seemingly disparate people for whom nothing about any outward appearance, in the end, mattered.

  10. @Chalupa – we all turned out OK. But you wouldn’t ever call my grandfather a Hungarian, even though what is now Slovakia was part of the Hungarian empire when he was born. He left his Carpatho-Rus birthplace so he wouldn’t have to join the Austro-Hungarian army. He came to America, worked in a Pittsburgh steel mill until he earned enough to buy his own farm, raised 10 children, and lived his dream.

    My other half is Revolutionary War era English-Irish, so I think we mutts are pretty well-rounded.

  11. Zonga, I’m with you, your success rate equals mine.

    My stopped watch hasn’t been right one time let alone twice.

  12. I’ve only been right twice, Moe Tom and Mr. Pinko. So I’m not doing well guessing the ladies!

    I’m going with my first guess, FarmWife.

  13. @Riverlife – when I told my boss of 25 years I was part Hungarian he finally understood me – we’re stubborn, fiercely independent, and simply do not tolerate tyrants.

  14. @Charlie WoW, I took piano lessons when I was little, but my hands always act like they belong to two different people. No coordination at all. Good thing I didn’t want to be a surgeon. 🙂


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