Guess the Reader

Our last reader was…. Merry Poppet!!

Here is the next adorable deplorable->

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  1. Sure, she’s a cutie pie in that picture. But I can easily see this imp playing a mean second base in the local sandlot pickup game.

  2. Attention-

    This commenter has been blocked.
    Because I gave great latitude in the past for their liberal use of changing screen names for every comment they made.
    But when they exploit that to make disparaging comments against readers it is not fair to not have a consistent screen name so that they can get return fire.

    I hope everyone understands and agrees.


  3. Awwww she’s cute as a bug! she hasn’t got her big girl bangs yet. I suspect her Mom made that dress. I had one similar.

  4. BFH
    Good for you. It takes a certain amount of guts posting your photos up here and there’s no room for cheap insults.

  5. Good to see BFH clearing the swamp. BFH for FBI Director.
    I’m going with MJA again.
    One foot of snow here and its still coming down heavy.
    I hate the shit.

  6. @ Merry Poppet

    I was going to guess you yesterday but got distracted. I did the same with another, so now I am batting zero.

    That was a cute pic. Love scrunchie nose toddler pics. I have a gallery of them

  7. Cute, clear eyed , determined, observant and developing self-assuredness. That describes all the outspoken conservative women on IOTW. Now I really am stumped but will take a guess on Conservative Cowgirl.

  8. I’m thinking it’s Saxindacity. Don’t know if she is blonde, but chances are since she’s from Minnesota, donja know.

  9. I appreciate the block, Fur. Sometimes it’s funny when the name matches the topic of the post, but it could also be troublesome. This website, with the sense of family/friends that we have built among the readers, it’s hard to establish rapport with someone you don’t know if they are the same one from before.

    When it comes time to “get to know” the readers, like during surveys and especially this Guess the Reader post, it’s important to have a consistent name to attach with the comments.

  10. BFH and Bad Brad.

    Seriously, thank you. Now I won’t be fearful anymore of snowflaking out when my mug makes its debut.

    @ Mystery Guest #2, love the bangs, 🙂 had the same “do” with the added touch of a cowlick in my bangs.

  11. Good move, President Hat. It’s pretty sorry to take shots at someone over their picture. With my picture I had one guy take a shot, but what he said was funny enough I shared it with mrs6pak and we both got a couple good laughs out of it. It’s one thing to be funny, it’s another thing to be mean spirited..

  12. I’m behind on these, so if AA hasn’t already debuted I think it’s she.

    I’m intuitively drawn to the ‘bangin’ bangs” photo’s. Be thankful they weren’t cut with pinking shears missy.

  13. Hmmm, I wonder if BFH would throw us a curve and submit another photo of someone who’s already been featured.

    Conservative Cowgirl seems to be the consensus here, so I’ll choose her, as well.

  14. Dianny March 7, 2018 at 2:43 pm

    Whoever it is, be prepared to be called Prince Valiant.

    Ha ha ha ha!

    You’re awesome, Dianny.


    This girl reminds me of a great friend I had, in late grade school and early Jr. High, she persisted in befriending me until we were good friends, then became my first “sort-of” GF. We had an active neighborhood that did a lot together, but she never went away! LOL My first experience of growing to love someone.

    Top quality person. Would love to see her before I go, if possible. On the other hand, she was such a tom-boy that could keep up with me (you bet I was hyper) and have fun all the way, well, I wouldn’t be surprised if she turned out lesbian. Sorry pic submitter, not saying or suggesting anything regarding – um, that subject. 😀 She was just an intelligent, strong-willed, good natured, happy person that liked doing whatever we were doing. No other girls were like that in my childhood.

    And we can discuss why those that are lesbian-inclined have anything to do with me at all, later.

    I’ll bet a good sum you’re a quality person! Hard to be a genuine conservative and not be one.

    My guess? Not one clue comes to mind.

    BTW, my friend’s name was Nancy. You’re not Nancy, are you? 🙂


    As for the sensitive reactions to a hurtful comment – Great. That was my only concern! lol

    I should be able to test all the guys here. 🙂

    I know damn well they’ll want to put me down if I post my “shiny pony pic” of Dadof1 when life was on fire for me. All the guys, except the gay guys, do. I actually don’t want to for that reason. Enter Moe’s comment about having an ugly contest as a counterbalance as evidence A. If I could find the unintentional daily-life beefcake pics my wife took, It would double the grief from the guys, but the straight women would get it. I know Corky is anxious to see. lol (have your Mom drop you off at the bowling alley Friday night. I’ll have you home by 11. Promise.)

    Unfortunately, my looks today are much closer to Kek. 🙁 sigh For current pictures, I’d enter the ugliest contest. (knew I should have developed a personality at some point. dammit.)

  15. I really want to be right just once so I will go with Conservative Cowgirl as well. When we moved to France (my Dad was stationed there) we had to go over on a troop ship. Right in the middle of the rocking Atlantic my Dad decided to cut my bangs! Yeah, they looked great!

    Thanks for blocking BFH.

  16. “Right in the middle of the rocking Atlantic my Dad decided to cut my bangs!”


    Now, would it have been as memorable if that hadn’t happened? lol

  17. Cutie pie! I had the same bangs and a very similar dress my mother made. A Simplicity or McCall’s pattern and the dress was also popular in stores.

    I’m at 100% wrong except in my mind. I was going to change my guess to joe6pack and didn’t. I was going to say Merry Poppet and didn’t. Correct in my head and zero in public.

    Gotta’ think on this one.

  18. This little sweet heart looks reserved….
    I bet she grew out of it.
    I think her kindness surprised herself.

  19. A single, early life picture is not enough. We need then-and-now pictures! Wait. For most of us, that would be BADNESS.

  20. Different girl, but I’m sure she helped me pass math in 5th grade…..Carlene Fischer helped me pass sex-ed in 9th grade and she didn’t even need to be there….

  21. BFH

    Maybe he just deleted his message.
    It was funny though, He’ll never get the opportunity to teach me to hike a football for him anyway, I can’t bend over that far without getting dizzy. 🙂

  22. Wow. This reminds me of a girl I knew in elementary school who looks just like this girl in the photo. Her name was Misty. I lost track of her around 4th grade after a school district shuffle that forced me to attend another elementary school.
    I’m gonna have to look up my old class photos…

  23. “Hmmm. I don’t know why my avatar didn’t show.”

    Were you just looking at your baby pictures? LOL

  24. Oh,
    I typed in my email address incorrectly.

    That’s not me.
    I had wondered if anyone would have noticed if that one was posted…

  25. I’m shocked, SHOCKED, nobody guessed MJA or Me. Really? No REALLY? Is that what you’re telling me?

    Go figure.

  26. black and white photos have a kind of mystery to them. To me they are beautiful. When i was into photography and video production, b&w was my fav.

    I have no clue who she is, but she is memorialized in BW, not full color digital like today.

    @marypoppet, do you play the piano?

  27. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of photos from my childhood; pretty sure my parents were ashamed of me.

  28. @Charlie, I took lessons, but my hands wouldn’t cooperate. They act like they belong to different people. I can play the kazoo. 😉

  29. Tony R
    Same here, Mom and Dad had several photos of our dog though.
    The dog listened better than I did.
    When the dog died I started showing up in the family photos again.
    Then for some reason they bought another dog.

  30. This little girl reminds me of a little girl I knew, Ann Sullivan, who moved from Ireland to Boston back in 1959/60
    I moved to New York about the same time and we once met in Boston She was a lovely girl.

  31. I was wrong on Conservative Cowgirl, so now I’m guessing JClady

    Came back to edit and curse Pagely.

  32. The odds have been ran (run, rand, runt?)..

    Anonymous is the answer.

    just stats.. just the stats….

  33. AA and I say that this is Page O Turner.

    So cute! She looks like she might be about 5 years old. Another one with very expressive, curious eyes.

  34. To those who guessed MJA—no way. I’ve met her.

    And it is not I either, though nobody has guessed that it is. I need to pop in more often.

  35. No wait…… how about Zonga…… or or or MJA?

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  36. Her photo looks like someone from my era. That’s all I’ve got.

    RE: the (blocked)commenter – I didn’t catch it, and I’m glad not to have. Thanks.

  37. Thanks Tuesday. The crooked bangs were courtesy of my Aunt Helen who drank coffee ALL DAY LONG and probably had a permanent case of the jitters.

    The green plaid dress was indeed made for me by my beautiful mom. I remember it well.


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