Guess the Reader

Our last reader was… Riverlife_Callie!

Here’s the next offering-

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  1. A handsome California towhead in a super, dapper suit….. How about…… I got nothin’!

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  2. looks like a ’51 tag … 4 years old? maybe …. sooooooo, born about ’47/’48? … like LBS said … about 70 now
    (assuming Kali made you get new tags every year, like everyone did back in the day)
    … going out on a limb here … I’m guessing it’s a male …. hmmmmmmm

  3. Uncle Al or Viet Vet…it’s that self assured look when a smart ass comment is fomenting in his handsome little head. Great smile.

    I totally love the pic. Question…don’t remember, and I doubt it, but did that car have a narrow running board.

  4. I was thinking the California plates were a red herring, but maybe it really IS a clue. I change my guess to Doc. So cute.

  5. That looks too early to be Bad_Brad. I’m guessing Vietvet.

    Edit: oops, looks like it’s not Vietvet. So we have a California boy who is probably in his late 60s, early 70s. I got nothin’.

  6. What’s up little Doc?!

    Has to be! That impish look on his face and apparently it’s not Viet Vet!

  7. If he’s got Moe Tom’s ears, it must be Moe Tom …………or…..Moe Tom is walking around with no ears.


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