Guess the Reader

Many got this right. It was almost as if you have formulated a picture in your head of what Moe Tom looked like.

So, you think you’re all so smart?

Which reader is this? And for bonus points, guess the age.

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  1. Reminds me of my father-in-law asking me if I knew the difference between toilet paper and bathroom towels. When I said “no” he told me not to use the bathrooms till I did.
    What on earth is she blowing her nose into?

  2. Nuh uh, not me, Meerkat.

    I think it’s Plain Jane sniffing the skirt portion of her dress for some strange reason. 😉

  3. Well, it’s definitely one of our lovely ladies. Picture looks to have been taken in the 1980’s.

    I’ll take Diogenes at 18 for $500 IOTW buck Alex.

  4. My guess is Rat Fink, age 22, in his “liberal before getting mugged and becoming conservative” phase.

    Sorry, Rat Fink, maybe I’m projecting, and assuming you were once young and misguided because I was once young and misguided!

  5. Too many record albums for a teenager (and those big thick notebooks are a giveaway, too); I’ll take “Abigail as a college junior” for a thousand, Alex. 😎

  6. That is either Abigail A or Mary Jane A trying on a new hijab, age 15.
    BTW that was my First Communion participation ribbon. My sister tells me I was the bane of my mother’s life. She had me all polished up for the photo but I went kicking football, thus the scuffed shoes.
    Thank you all for the nice things you said.

  7. I have no idea – but I don’t think those are Diogenes’ beautiful eyes. Just a different pair of beautiful eyes.


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