Guess the Reader

The answer to the previous Guess The Reader is ….

………. Diogenes.

Her age? A lot of high school guys would have lots of explaining to do because she is only 12 in this picture. (Officer, are you gonna tell me she doesn’t have the eyes of an 18 year-old!!!???!!)

Here is our next candidate. See if you can identify who this is.

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  1. Diogenes, at 12 years old? That’s a perfect example of why I’m glad to have had boys. I would not want to be a dad of beatiful girls. Every young man that would come to the house would have thought I was some sort of overly protective, jackass. And they would have been right.

  2. That’s a little girl outfit puff sleeve an polka dots top an little girl shoes’s with a bad hairdo.Circa 1950/51.
    As usual, I could be wrong. Hahaha.

  3. BFH you’re saying this is the most famous pixelated person? So someone famous is on your blog!

    Whoever it is must be in the witness protection program and if you tell us who you have to kill us?

  4. @Rufus T. Firefly ‘All my likely nominees have already disavowed themselves.’ Unless someone is messing with our heads.

  5. So, are you going to show us his face after we guess? This chubby lil’ guy must look exactly like his adult self if he needs to be pixelated. I LOVE these kinds of pictures.

    Hmmm…. I’m gonna guess it’s BB. ‘Cept maybe not, because BB’s will be a kid in a cowboy outfit and six guns.

    Okay, it’s Irony.


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