Guess the Reader

Our last reader was…  Charlie Walks On Water

Our next reader is– spending her time exactly how I want to spend my time!!

Hint: a totally appropriate way to get her attention is to yell, “A U!”

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  1. You know, I’ve been kind of quiet on these guess the reader posts. The reason for that is that I didn’t want to insult anybody but I understood the value of it all. What a great way to have a community! I have really enjoyed it just from the outside.
    I am completely awstruck at completely how beautiful all of you are both outside now that I knew the inside that I already.
    But we already knew that conservatives were beautiful and we always will be always inside and out.

  2. Great smile and looks like a happy, sure of herself soul. Those of us with short hair usually are. Lady in Red

    I think we would have fun sittin and drinkin one or two together.

  3. Vietvet beat me to it, I’m guessing GoldenFoxx. Maybe Lisl, from Alaska. Whoever it is I’d be proud to have a drink with them.

  4. @Plain Jane I would like to think so. Still crazy after all those years.

    That shirt was my aspen souvenir back in the *ahem* good ol’ days. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

    I dont have a clue who this is. The clue isnt as easy as “what did Jesus do?” LOL

  5. So Goldenfoxx is Elton John’s long lost little sister? Way Cool!

    Get back, Honky cat! Maybe that’s Elderberry wine, then?

  6. I’ll defer to better minds……Goldenfoxx

    She reminds me of my Mother 35 years ago.
    A beautiful, determined, talented and strong lady.
    That’s what I see.

  7. Waiting til everyone else guesses and going with Goldenfoxx. Do you know each other? I feel like we do and we’ve had many long laughs together.

  8. ‘Au’ is the chemical symbol for gold on the periodic table. Going with Goldenfoxx as many others have guessed.

  9. LOL! Okay, you got me! That pic was taken at Sea Ranch, CA overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I was drinking a glass of wine and enjoying the sunset and the whales at sea breaching. The glow stick is actually a bubble wand, we blew bubbles and flew some kites. That weekend was magical with our adult children. You guys are soooo funny!


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