Guess the Reader

The child abuse picture (lol) was.. was… it’s on the tip of my tongue.. was… whatshername?

Oh, whatshername.

Who’s this guy?

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  1. I’m thinking BB — because I’ve met him. Could pass for BB. Otherwise I think it’s Uncle Al. LOL! (I know it’ll be Uncle Al sometime!)

  2. Dang! Another cutie patutie! I think it would be strong medicine and encouragement to use these pics to show “what we’re fighting for!” in the conservative movement.

  3. I would love Whatshername to tell us all about that picture and relate any other situations she got herself into as a kid.

  4. Darn…
    I know who it is but I can’t think of his name.
    He is a musician who contributes here sometimes on political stuff and he goes by a pseudonym that eludes me right now.

  5. I have a photo of myself in that exact pose, at about the same age, wearing almost the same shirt. I will have to dig it up.

  6. I’m just gonna’ guess Aaron Burr for all of these from now on. Statistically speaking, I’m bound to be right eventually.

  7. cato
    Wiped out a screen and keyboard with that one. That’s to damn funny. Hey we all started out good natured. That’s not me. When I was that age I was so ugly mom tied pork chops on my legs just to get the family dog to play with me. She use to feed me with a sling shot. It wasn’t easy.

  8. Standard pose late 60’s/early 70’s for kids.

    No, it’s not me. Did they have cameras in Nebraska in’70? 😄

  9. Was going to say since he looks so sweet it was Bad Brad, but I see he says it is not him. So I guess LocoBlancoSaltine


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