Guess The Reader

Our last reader was Eugenia (who feared she looked “fat” in the picture. Guys, what you say?)

Here is the next reader—

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  1. Can’t believe it! I guessed right, Eugenia, on the last one!

    This one is classic, catalogue-ready, cutie! I’m gonna guess it’s our friend, Illust8r.

  2. Years ago I had a thing called the Ugly Mosaic.
    Readers sent in their avatars and we made a mosaic of the “Ugly Americans,” proud patriots who never apologized for being authentically American in the age of Obama’s apology tour.

    I think I’m going to put together a mosaic of these pictures and call it The Past Future Patriots of America Club.

  3. Clueless as usual… But on the topic of that whale Eugenia… Puuuuurfect!

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  4. @Crackerbaby — I just finished reading “1984” and when I finally put it down I thought, “That’s so Orwellian.”

    (can’t take credit, that was M. Stanton Evans who said that)

  5. Eugenia is a head turner.

    This little cutie brings out the Dad in me. I want to keep her safe.

    Since Claudia said she has brunette hair with reddish highlights (I think that’s what she said one time) and she’s already chimed in, I’ll go with Illutsrator.

    BTW those who guessed me with McFartus’s childhood pic – not really a bad guess. Looks more like me than my brother. Not going to mention the defining feature that would stand out in a pic of me at 9 or younger. It would make it too easy if I did send one in.

  6. Eugenia Fat? Now that’s funny!

    This little cutie looks like my youngest daughter at that age.

    Good looking, intuitive and intelligent. I know this doesn’t narrow it down with the ladies here.

    AA was on target with Eugenia, I’ll hedge my bet and stick with her- Illustr8r.
    Or could it be Anniegirl?

    Could the picture be from the mid to late 1980’s?

  7. Another conservative cutie. Don’t we have a Conservative Cowgirl?

    That’s for compliments. We had a hyper critical mother growing up. Took a while to get over it.

  8. Clueless as ever, but this is fun!
    Also Eugenia – delicious comes to mind, and sexy, and several terms typically qualified as vulgar, but definitely not fat.

  9. @Bcattin: Damn – I leave the room for five minutes and come back to a comment like that? Besides, where were you with this draft evasion tactic when I really needed it? Don’t you say “in grade school”, either.

    @Rat Fink: Digesting a Jeep differential? No comprende.

  10. I’m carrying an Easter basket – the kind doing double duty for other useful things, dark brown and sturdy. Not like the disposable ones you see every year at the grocery store.

    My bangs were the bane of my mom’s haircutting practice, but then I was two (per the date on the photo) and probably not good at sitting still for long.


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