Guess the Reader- NOW WITH HINTS

It’s time to give hints. I can feel it.

Our last reader was Daniel Stern… I mean… Pelopidas!

Here’s our next reader.

Okay, here’s a hint. (Warning: my hints are bizarre, but fair.)

His mom was a pearl.


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  1. The hair crease is opposite mine. He must be from California. Probably Bad Brad got a bunch 0f baby photos back from Florida. Final answer. Bad Brad.

  2. Captain Kirk as a baby! I swear that’s the first thing I thought of when I saw this cute face.

    I’ll say Bad_Brad because I’d imagine he’d be a good USS Enterprise starship captain. 🤔

  3. hmmmm … pearl … Minnie Pearl? … Pearl Bodine from ‘The Beverly Hillbillys’ & ‘Pettycoat Junction’? … Pearl Harbor? …

  4. I keep losing track: Has Thirdtwin’s photo been on yet? If not, I’m going with him. BTW, what do we win if we’re right?

  5. @BFH – your hint doesn’t help.

    Except I remember a reader whose mom was a model.

    The name escapes me, but would she be considered a pearl?

    Got nothing.

  6. Open The Door, Beach Mom.

    Those are the commenters names I found that relate to pearls, oysters (open the door), sand,and such.

  7. “Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces.”
    Matthew 7:6

  8. Dadof4!! Because that is my only guess and I will keep guessing it probably until he actually posts a picture!

  9. @All Too Much, that’s a great answer! I have no idea whether or not it’s correct, but I like the way you think.

  10. And Willy’s comment is very clever. He obviously knew the answer as well.

    Jethro’s mom, Pearl, was played by Bea Benaderet.

  11. I protest! Is this Guess the Kid — Music Edition or something?

    Who are all these people to which you refer?

  12. “Okay, I saw something I wasn’t suppose to see. I know who it is.”

    Sorry, I thought I covered that up.

  13. Aw Corky, you’re breaking my heart. OK. I’ll send something in soon. No beefcake from the ex’s archive available yet, but I think this itch of yours will be satisfied. lol

    I think your first post that day will be different. That you won’t be guessing and you’ll just know as soon as you see it. I have faith in you! Fur won’t need to give you any hints. lol You won’t be alone.

  14. ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ was on the right track. That’s when I got Jethro! But I figured I shouldn’t get another chance to guess since I already did. Even though that wasn’t one of Fur’s rules, I still felt that I should behave. After all, it’s not all about meeeeeee!

    Jethro, you were a total cutie pie, especially with that bowtie!

    Dadof4, do you have a picture of you with a pile of bug toys? That would be too easy!

  15. lol

    Claudia, No bug toys. She’ll know. You’ll know. You’ll be looking at my picture. I’ll be looking back at you from it. You’ll get it.

    Or Maybe not! We’ll see.


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