Guess the Reader

Ha. This reader had an interesting idea, and I’m always looking for interesting ideas.

They sent a picture of themselves as a yute, with the idea that we should try and take a guess as to who they are.

I will put the answer up some time tonight.

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  1. That’s not much to go on. He looks like he could be a musician, and that might be an award ribbon on his coat. Not knowing who else is a musician I’ll guess Chalupa.

  2. I’m with you, Eugenia, it looks like Uncle Al to me.

    This is a great idea!! Cannot wait to see the rest of you guys as kiddos. This is going to be great!!

  3. Roy Orbison. Go to the 2:01 mark on the video.

    Well, it’s certainly not any of the lovely lady commenters hear, (at least I hope not).
    I really have know idea but judging from the photo, it’s probably someone from my generation, baby boomer, or near the end of that demographic.

    Bad_Brad, Moe Tom, VietVet, F4UCorsair (based on the avatar), Uncle Al? No offense meant if any of the aforementioned are not in my age group.

  4. What a cool idea! I can’t wait to everyone. 😊

    Um my guess is, Tom Moe, maybe? Or, it’s BFH, who had a flash of brilliance at 3AM with this idea. 🤔

  5. Illustr8r — I would’ve thought you’d know how old Fur is, but I’ve never thought of Fur as being more than about 27 — based on his voice and hip-ness (and also based on the many stories that are just a foil for talking about sex of some kind).

  6. I’m looking forward to the parade of black and white photos of kids with slicked-down hair (boys), bows, curls and headbands (girls), pressed clothing, short pants and Buster Browns or frilly dresses and Mary Janes!

  7. Brian Williams claims its him but we might want to hold off on taking that to the bank. Brian, like Chuck u Schumer, Adam Shitt, Al Bore, Maxipad Waters, Antsy Pelosi, Rachal Madcow, the entire lamestream media, and the democrat party, has just a smidgen of difficulty telling the truth. To quote the late founder of modern journalism, patron saint of journalists, and proud spy for the Soviet Union, Walter Lippman, ” We should not confuse the news with truth “.

  8. It’s funny, by previous comments I already have a picture in my mind’s eye of each of you.
    To post a picture when you are 10 years old has thrown my imaginary mind’s eye images off center.

  9. OMGosh! Cato — that would be even funnier than looking at the real pictures!! Have this crowd say what they think someone looks like! How hysterical would that be?!

  10. “They sent a picture of themselves…”
    Come on. Unless the person (singular) is a transgender
    He sent a picture of himself.

  11. I’ll narrow it down by revealing that the lad in the photo is NOT your Uncle Al.

    I never wore short pants as a boy which is a bit odd because now that I’m retired and living in Florida my “uniform” is cargo shorts, pocket T, and sandals (until the temp drops below about 55°F).

  12. Burr got it. It’s Hitler.
    He’s been reading us since 2010.

    I talk about sex!!??!

    You should see the stuff I turn down.
    Got one the other day about mohawk merkins for the heynannynanny, and I DIDn”T publish it, complete with runway models modeling them.
    That’s called mature restraint.

  13. Well, Fur, maybe not “sex” sex, if you know what I mean. Not sex in the conventional way…more like sexual fetish. Dang it! You’re always pushing until I feel mean! LOL!

    (Heynannynanny, huh?)

  14. Cato — You’re not the only one whose self-perception may not be entirely accurate. But whose is, I ask? I think that’s a good thing. Gets us ready for Heaven and blunts the shock of it. 35, here I come!!

  15. This is such a great idea.

    I have no idea who it is… but I do know the MJA has a beard. So, it can be him/ her. 🙂

  16. “They sent a picture of themselves…”
    Are you kidding?
    Unless this is a transgender (whatever that is), why use the plural neutral gender reference.
    It appears the person who submitted the picture was a male at the time the picture was taken and still is an adult male.
    Therefore, it should’ve read, “He sent a picture of himself.”

  17. My first guess was Uncle AL, but since he denied, I’ll go with Moe Tom. BTW, is that a First Place ribbon on his chest or a protuberance of some sort?

  18. I’ve no idea who this is, but I can say two things about him:
    1. He’s older than I, and
    2. Anyone who was dressed like that as a child grew up to be a hell of a man; one I’d look up to. That narrows it down to more than half of you.

    Aside: Fur’s _older_ tham I???


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