Guess what else Microsoft owns now?

Microsoft Purchases The PLANET РRaz̦r Rants
*Some spicy language*

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  1. Microsoft must keep buying because their original product still sucks.

    Micro & Soft are descriptors of Bill Gates’ peepee.

  2. MS buys Activision/Call of Duty, 68.7 Billion, cash buyout. Gaming been very very good to me, wow. Gates left MS years ago but still held a board seat. Lost that diddlin the help, (I most likely would of been caught too). When one own’s a stable, it’s hard not to jump on a mare. I’m still using Windows 10, runs & works like a champ.

  3. Join Maya & risiy61057 making a thousand+ bucks a month on your back & knees! And just like Kamalalala – ding-dong, you might just become VICE – president someday!!

  4. I am not a gamer, nor a nerd any longer, I grew out of that in my 20’s. I prefer to live in reality and not in fantasy. Thank God I was saved when I was 19 because I would’ve ended up being a loser and not have been able to have a normal good life over the past 50 years.


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