Guess What MegaPHONY? We’re All Laughing At You

Skinny ass idiot shouts at diners with his megaphone and is outraged that someone dares laugh at him and “his pain.”

What is his pain, exactly?

ht/ c. steven tucker

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  1. Pull that shit round heah, we will show you some pain.
    Why do they all think we are afraid of them?
    Civility only reaches so far down the ladder.

  2. his pain? … I’m thinking hemorrhoids … prolapse …. that taste he just can’t get rid of, no matter how much Elton John endorsed toothpaste is applied

  3. A heat rash on his ass?
    Megaphone thumb?
    His feet hurt?
    Syphilitic lip?
    COVID tonsils?
    Gonorrhea puss?
    Anger migraine?
    Tooth blow’d up?
    He’s just got that splodey feelin’?

    I give up.

  4. One of these cocksuckers gets in my personal space with a microphone they will find themselves with no front teeth. I will palm strike it and one thing I learned from my coach while playing hockey as a teen, when you throw a punch you are not aiming for the nose, you aim for eight inches past their nose.

    Palm strikes are less likely to break bones in your hand and don’t forget to follow through

    The bastards use those microphones as weapons and you have a right to not have anyone waving a weapon in your face.

  5. @ Ted Nougat AUGUST 2, 2020 AT 10:59 PM

    Great minds link alike. We must have been typing the same thing at the same time.

  6. Let’s see how many boxes we can check:
    – you can’t understand my pain – check
    – calling people names while safely behind a barrier and surrounded by his friends / compatriots -check
    – using the n-word just because he is one, and thus allowed to – check (btw, i only use that word for those that deserves it and not most blacks, or whatever the correct word of the day is)
    – using a megaphone to shout over people – check
    – being an ass – check

    BINGO – we have a winner, as they said at the local bingo parlor my aunt dragged me to a while back

  7. ^^^^^^^^
    Store owners already removing items from the top shelves at the convenience store for added shoplifting prevention. As usual….

  8. Disturbing people at their meals is a good way to ensure a real visceral (gut level) dislike. I think a good response for online trolls is ” shouldn’t you be yelling at diners somewhere?”. Like stopping traffic – the more they do this, the more well-deserved contempt they EARN for their stupid whining demands.


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