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Guess who’s up for the Nobel Peace Prize?

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  1. As soon as award for excellence is tainted by politics, it becomes worthless. If people are stripped of their sports medals, likewise they should be stripped of anything like the Nobel prize when it is warranted.

  2. So now the act of encouraging hordes of raping, pillaging, terrorist ingrates to destroy your country earns you the NPP?? AHNGUHLA deserves the Nobel Peace Prize about as much as Hitler deserves the Miss Congeniality prize. End times = good is evil, evil is good, we’re there, folks.

  3. If zero accomplishments Odama can buy one, it’s up for grabs.

    Maybe it should be renamed the Nobel Unpeace Prize; awarded to people who are tops at sowing discord, divisiveness, chaos, and the descent into hell of once great nations.

  4. What happens to awards and recognition when they are no longer relevant?

    I mean will they even bother to hand this thing out in the future after this generation of idiots have thoroughly tarnished the meaning.

    Of course when Sweden has been subsumed into the Muslim hive mind and disappears into a Nordic Caliphate, the Nobel Prize will be viewed as sacrilegious and all holders will be put to death – so it will all work out in the end.

  5. Al Gore
    Yassir Arafat
    B. Hussein Obola
    Nelson Mandela
    Kofi Annan

    Yeah, give her one!

    Every socialist scumbag gets one, so she should get one, too.

  6. l c dan is right.. give it to an animal. in this case a horse that gave it to merkel .. or in the case of barry ‘ofraud, a goat or anything he can drag into the white house to shag in the backside ..

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