Guest Post by Dr. David Dinkweaver – Comply and You Won’t Die

Dr. David Dinkweaver

I got pulled over by the police the other night.

Driving up to a red light I saw a cop car in front of me.  I minded my own business and stayed in the right lane, but he moved in behind me and for a pretty good while. I guess he was running my plate, registration, etc. 

I kind of figured I’d get pulled over eventually because one of my headlights was out.  Not a big deal, but certainly an attention getter.  After about a half mile he pulled in front of me to the left and I thought, “whew, he’s not after me.”  But then, he slowed down and got in behind me again and I thought, “shit, I’m going to get pulled over.”

I waited patiently for the lights to come on and sure enough they did.  I pulled off the main road to the next side street.

What do I do????  

In the past, I’ve always immediately grabbed my license, registration and insurance card and had them ready in my hand to deliver to the officer before he even asked for them.  This is usually a good way to avoid any kind of tension.  However, this time my wallet was in my computer bag behind the driver’s seat.  “Dammit!”, what do I do now?

So I started to think about my game plan.

As he approached, I had my hands on the steering wheel. As he approached I said, “Sorry officer, my license is in my bag in the back and I didn’t want to go reaching in the car.” 

“That’s ok,” he said, “I don’t need to see your license.  Is the car registered to you?”  After I acknowledged in the affirmative, he said, “I stopped you because your headlight is out.  Just sit tight and I’ll be right back.”

At this point, I was hoping for a warning and that is exactly what I got.  He said I was now in the system and told me to have a nice evening.

So why am I recounting this situation? 

I’ve been wanting to write an article about this for quite awhile, because there are so many incidents with African Americans being killed by cops after they fail to comply.  Almost every police detainment, ending with a black fatality, the man did not comply and/or resisted arrest. 

Let me preface what I’m about to say by stating that nobody should ever have any police officer put his or her knee on a person’s neck for any length of time.  It is just never warranted and completely unnecessary, especially when he’s already cuffed and on the ground.  But even George Floyd resisted arrest as evidenced in this video.

What would have happened if Mr. Floyd had simply gotten into the back of the police vehicle without any objection?  He probably would have been driven down to the station, booked (or maybe not) and then released without posting bail (considering what’s happening around the country right now amidst the “pandemic”) and he’d be alive.  Let’s hope that the officers involved are fully prosecuted for their actions and/or inactions.

In the case of Rayshard Brooks, in Atlanta, as evidenced in this video, the police were as nice as could be, just trying to do their jobs, yet he resisted arrest and lost his life because he turned and fired a taser at one of the officers.  Had he simply put his hands behind his back, got in the police car, went down to the station and dealt with the standard legal process, he’d be alive. 

Going back a few years, there was also the tragic incident with Eric Garner.  Here is what could have happened in this case.

Police:  “Mr. Garner, put your hands behind your back, you are under arrest.”

Mr. Garner then turns around, puts his hands behind his back, is cuffed, put into the police vehicle, taken to the station, booked, gets a public defender, and gets a slap on the wrist.

During his trip to the station in the back of the car, Eric says “Come on guys, you know this is bogus.  I can’t believe you arrested me for selling cigarettes.”

I wish that is what had happened, because had it gone down that way, Eric Garner would be alive today.  Remember, once you are put “under arrest” they are never going to let you go free just for the heck of it.

At what point will the people protesting these, and other deaths, acknowledge that these men, or anyone else for that matter, must be accountable for not complying with simple requests from law enforcement?  Does anyone take responsibility for their actions anymore or is everything bad that happens to an individual always someone else’s fault?

That being said, let me show the other side of this debate with an example of an African American who did absolutely nothing wrong, and was mistreated with excessive force for no reason.

In this video, a black man was wrongly identified as a car thief by what sounded like a white woman who called 911.  In this case, the police should have…

-ran the plate

-checked the registration

-pulled him over

-cautiously approached

-asked him for his license

-verified ownership of vehicle

…and then said, “Sorry sir, we received a call that this car was stolen.  We apologize for any inconvenience. Have a nice evening.” 

However, this gentleman had no chance to think about the best way to make the police feel comfortable.  He should have been given the opportunity to prove his identity, which would have quickly shown he did nothing wrong.  These police officers should have been relieved of their positions to find a new line of work.   

So here’s Dr. Dinkweaver’s recommendations for interacting with the police:

It’s no big deal if you get pulled over or you are confronted by the police on the street. 

If being pulled over, immediately get your license, insurance and registration ready before the officer gets to your car.

Immediately hand it to him before he talks to you. Don’t worry about asking what you did, just give him the stuff.

Be nice! You will most likely get a warning or a simple summons unless you have an outstanding legal issue or did something egregious.

If the officer says “You are under arrest”, immediately spin around with your hands behind your back making it easy for the officer to put the cuffs on.   If the officer(s) are shouting orders at you to “Get down on the ground!” or “Put your hands behind your back,” do it immediately. 

If you are being placed in the back of a police vehicle, do it WITHOUT RESISTING and don’t say anything until you speak to an attorney.  Just go down to the station and allow the process to play out.  Chances are, if you are nice, you’ll be able to walk out of the station and see your family the same day.

But if you don’t want to take my advice, take the advice of KingFace. Here’s Candace Owens with KingFace talking about the steps he takes, and recommends to others, when he’s confronted by police.  Watch.

Comply every step of the way, say thank you and swallow a little pride.

Your life is worth it. 

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  1. I follow KingFace on Instagram. The guys awesome. I carry a gun all the time. Legally. And the thought of being pulled over by “some” LE is scarier then hell. Your same rules apply.
    My opinion, what happened to Eric Garner is worse than the Floyd deal. Garner should still be alive.

  2. “…Comply every step of the way, say thank you and swallow a little pride.”

    That’s the bottom line. Well stated Dr. Dinkweaver

    p.s. I have to admit I never have heard of this man. What is his bio?

  3. There is a black comedian that did a funny routine about how to behave when your pulled over several years ago to avoid getting beaten up by police.

  4. Thank you, Dr. Drinkweaver, however I respectfully disagree with this advice:

    If being pulled over, immediately get your license, insurance and registration ready before the officer gets to your car.

    I suggest that there is an even better way to act. You would be well advised not to be seen reaching for anything before he gets to your window especially if he cannot see what you’re doing.

    Before you stop, roll down your window. If you have passengers, impress on them the importance of keeping their hands visible at all times and not to speak unless directly addressed.

    When you do stop (and try to do so in a low-traffic side street), turn off your engine and put your hands on the top part of your steering wheel where they are visible from the enforcer’s position and do not move them. When he asks for license, registration, and insurance document, tell him where they are and ask if it’s OK to get them out for him.

    I’ve done this three times in the past 15 years or so and it has worked just fine each time.

    Two of those three times I was carrying a firearm, and one of those was open carry (Wyoming), and the other concealed (Florida). If asked, I’ll write about how that went (it went well).

    I do believe I’m giving good advice. In fact, after the Wyoming trooper gave me a warning ticket (for 85 in a 70 zone!) he said, “If I may ask, sir, are you in law enforcement? I ask because you did everything right.”

  5. @Uncle Al
    Daughter’s partner was pulled over a few years ago for “driving while black”.
    He did everything by the book. Didn’t pull out any ID until the police asked. He was on the up and up but still spent the night in jail

  6. teach this starting in elementary school! …

    Always Be Polite & Respectful To The Police … every time!

  7. Uncle Al

    No. If your driver license is in your wallet get it before the LEO gets to your side window. They’re pretty use to guys digging for the wallets. At the same time I’m handing him my DL I’m going to hand him my carry permit and inform him I’m armed. And if you are carrying the last word you want to use is “GUN”. I’d wait on the registration. But if you carry, handing him you DL and Permit at the same time is going to go a long ways in defusing the situation. Especially with what I like to refer to as “Gun Hating Cops”.

  8. Good advice.
    Even if you think you were wrongly ticketed better to fight in traffic court than criminal court or act a fool and be dead.

    I was asleep in a car that was going 95 in a 70 (I wasn’t driving. lol) and I didn’t know what was going on until a cop tapped my window. lol. I was super confused as to what was going on. Then the other cop started to get a little loud with the driver (which, sorry, cop or not, don’t come in hot like that just for speeding) but driver argued politely and said, “I don’t think I was going that fast, though”. And the cop said, “Are you drinking???” (Again, don’t come in hot like that just for a speeding ticket) and driver said, “No, of course not”. Then I started thinking he reminded me of Yosemite Sam. But I didn’t say anything. Heh.
    Ticket given, paper signed.

    I swear to you, the other cop (trainee, I think) kinda rolled eyes at the other cop like, “oh sheesh, I’m stuck with this guy???” and they walked back to the car.

    We were like, ‘That cop was a DICK! speeding or not. Damn!’
    LOL. Thought about complaining, but I think being his asshole self, getting beaten by his wife (I just assumed) and working a stretch of highway between deserts was punishment enough for him. 🤣

    Also, we noticed other cars rocketing past… but…
    I guess this car was going the slowest, right? LOL.

  9. @Bad_Brad — You may be right about the wallet. My focus, though is to have my hands in plain view continuously once the unit’s lights come on.

    Another factor is that I carry my wallet in the front right outside pocket of my cargo shorts. I carry my pistol in the front right inside pocket.

    You’re right, of course, about the concealed carry permit accompanying the driver license. I didn’t go into detail about how I handled being stopped while armed, but that’s a big one. And I agree totally about letting the enforcer know one way or the other that you’re armed, even here in Florida where there’s no “duty to inform”.

    The last time I was pulled over (expired tag, stupid me), the deputy and I had a nice chat about the pros and cons of hammer versus striker fired semi-auto pistols.

  10. Uncle Al
    Another aspect of handing him the DL and the permit at the same time is you don’t have to reach passed your gun with him standing there. Cops make me nervous. Lol
    Hands in plane sight on top of the wheel. You bet

  11. Uncle Al
    I have an AZ, UT, and a California carry permit. The AZ is nice plastic DL sized as is the Utah. The California permit is a piece of thick paper that needs to be folded to go into your wallet. Cheap bastards. You think they’re trying to tell us something?

  12. In California, you have to show DL, registration, and proof of insurance. The more you have to reach for things, the more uneasy the cops get.

  13. @TimBuktu — Exactly.

    “My license and insurance card are in my wallet in my right front pocket, and the registration is in a folder in the glove box. OK if I get them out?”

  14. Color don’t mean shit! That advise will work for stupid ass white folks too! How many times have we seen videos of white people male and female who think that because the are in politics or know someone on the city counsel or whatever then think they are some special shit…and then berate the officer who pulled them over, it ain’t a color thing, it’s an attitude thing! And a lot of them I’d have liked to have shot!

  15. I’m with Uncle Al. If I get pulled over, I put the car in park then wait with both hands visible on the steering wheel. I won’t reach for anything until I tell him where I’m reaching and why. There are too many TV-fed hung ho cops out there who will pull a weapon just because they can.

    When I was younger and very stupid, I crashed a car while driving drunk. The state trooper who arrived asked if I could do the heel to toe walk. “”No sir, I can’t.” Then he asked me to do the one leg stand. “No sir, I can’t do that.” “Well, what CAN you do?” I turned around and put my hands behind my back. He actually laughed out loud.

  16. I wait for the Bronze to tell me what to do. Then I tell him where it is and ask if it’s ok. Over the years I’ve had my wallet on the left side of my trousers, the right side… in an ankle wallet, in the console…

    I stopped carrying an ankle wallet when a Trooper asked for ID, and I told him where it was, and asked, and even when I went into my boot for it his eyebrows went up a millimeter and his pupils dilated. That sacred me a bit. He tensed the hell up… and that was even after we did everything about the weapon.

  17. Dr. Dinkweaver
    Is this post interactive? I hope so. I follow a bunch of black conservatives on IG. Immediately after Floyd’s murder, my opinion, we had some great dialogue going on about what steps need to be taken to stop this from happening again. And it wasn’t about color of the victims skin. Those discussions went up in smoke about the time BLM and Antifa started burning the city. But to Summarize, de militarize the police. They don’t need Freaken MRaps, Automatic Weapons etc. Stop no knock warrants. The idiots are really good at finding the incorrect address. WTF? Somewhat important stuff. I’d love to hear your opinion.

  18. We on the right need to stop saying that Derek Chsuvin did something wrong. Chauvin was waiting for an ambulance to arrive.with a sedative to save GF’s life. He’s trying to keep Floyd alive until it arrives, obviously. Why would he be brutalizing GF, especially with people watching. That makes no sense

    It’s never appropriate to do what Chauvin did .. 99.99% of the time
    But the GF situation was an exceedingly rare situation where subject is experiencing a true medical emergency called Excited Delirium Syndrome. That was the suspicion and the knee to neck restraint is authorized. For one thing it prevented GF from banging his head on the ground

    One last thing. Chauvin only weighs 155 lbs. Thats why he was
    the one applying the knee — because he was the lightest cop


    This is usually a good way to avoid any kind of tension.

    Really, it’s the citizen’s job now to make the government happy? Aren’t we paying THEM to avoid any kind of tension? Completely backwards!

    However, this time my wallet was in my computer bag behind the driver’s seat. “Dammit!”, what do I do now?

    It’s YOUR CAR, and YOUR bag, and YOUR property, why are legal free citizens freaking-out about accessing their own stuff? Because they know the hair-trigger PTSD police are going to open fire on any situation. Wow, this is bad government work, any cop at this stage should have been checked and weeded out of the force by now.

    However, this gentleman had no chance to think about the best way to make the police feel comfortable.

    Again, it’s really not the citizen’s job to constantly think about how best to make WILDLY AGGRESSIVE government more comfortable, they have the bad reputation, they need to be doing this.

    Comply every step of the way, say thank you and swallow a little pride.

    Just like a rape attack, just do everything asked, and you won’t get hurt. If you resist, you’re gonna get it worse! When dealing with government officials, just “swallow a little pride” it’s what the Founding Fathers envisioned when they included police in the Constitution, but wait, it’s not in there.

    Your life is worth it.

    When making an extra wide turn, fail to use your blinker, have a head light out, is it really worth your life to agitate a government employee? No. You want to make it home to your kids don’t you? You want them to call 4 other officers over to intimidate you, then make you jump through hopes, and when you resist their taunting, they will all jump on your neck and then say it was all your fault in court? Where are YOUR witnesses to counter them, that’s right, you were alone weren’t you? They set you up man. Now you have a criminal record. Ok, then be as passive as a kitten and then MAYBE the government won’t beat the hell out of you.


  20. frank, I’m with yours and others sentiments on this. However, if it wasn’t for highly aggressive, and even murderous behavior by the perps that attack without warning I don’t think we would have gotten to this point. I blame liberalism, and all the activists and proponents of liberalism for where we are at.

  21. I have a different take on handing the cop the CC permit. I don’t. When you give the cop your driver’s license, he takes it back to his car and runs it thru the computer system for wants and warrants. Your CC permit will show up. If he wants to know if you are carrying, he will ask. This is how I was trained 30 years ago, and I have been stopped 1/2 dozen times In 3 states since and never had a problem. I also roll down the windows all the way and keep my hands where he can see them.

  22. Tony R

    About half the states require you disclose that you are carrying. The information the coppers look at on their computers is pretty standardized. There’s a drop down menu for special permits. They’ll find it if you have one

  23. Anyway, 10 hours later, back to my original question. Who is David Dinkweaver?

    I duck duck go’d him and got only this iOTWReports post as a response. Then I googled him and got the same response. Is he real? fictional? Someone please enlighten me.

  24. Look what would your stress level be, IF every time you engaged a person doing your job, it could be your last breath.

    The Police Association should consider making a simply video on “WHAT TO DO AND NOT TO DO WHEN BEING STOPPED BY POLICE”.
    Then place it on Boob-tube and/or Social Media Cesspools.

  25. I got pulled over for an illegal U-Turn once.
    Got out of my (actually borrowed) car, walked back and got into the Trooper’s cruiser on the passenger side, and handed him my credentials.

    He didn’t even raise an eyebrow.

    My, how the world has changed.

    izlamo delenda est …

  26. I’ve been stopped in, probably 25 different states.
    I like to go fast.
    I just can.t get over the fact that that human being approaching with his hand on his gun could, at any second, for any reason, real, or imagined, pull that gun out and start shooting.
    It must be similar to being put in prison with Big Bubba, and seeing him come at you with a massive woody.
    And Noooooo, I’ve never been speeding that fast………
    I understand the reason for the gun, and understand that most cops given that power can be trusted, but there is always that .01%

  27. What would have happened if George Floyd had simply gotten into the back of the police vehicle without any objection?

    According to the ME, he would have died of an overdose.

  28. I have to agree wholeheartedly with Uncle Al above.
    I have been driving since 1984. In my lifetime I have been pulled over by police 5 times. (Admittedly, one of those times was because the State Trooper wanted a better look at the submarine parade float I was towing, and I suspected as much.) But each time I have turned off my engine, lowered my window (except the one occasion when I was driving a topless-doorless Jeep) and placed my hands on the steering wheel at the 2 and 10 position and waited for the officer to approach. I am polite, compliant, and never raise my voice or act confrontational.
    In all my years driving, I have NEVER received a ticket. Always just a, “Don’t do it again. Have a nice day.” I was taught by my parents and my early schooling how to act with a law enforcement officer, and I passed that knowledge on to my own daughter.

  29. Disagree Ponch. I think you have it backwards.
    We are the government. They are not a separate entity.

    We’ve decided as a society that the best course to take is to hire police officers to uphold our laws and preserve the fabric of an orderly society.
    We shouldn’t hire them to then simply disrespect them and have built- in disdain.

    The Dr. didn’t suggest we pull down our pants and be sodomized. He is suggesting that in a tension filled society, where there are people who absolutely hate cops, and who ambush them in order to take their lives, the best course of action during these brief brushes with the police is to be respectful and keep it simple by doing what we’ve decided as a society that a citizen should do – which is comply with lawful orders.

    Big swing and a miss on your part, in my opinion.
    I actually disagree with Dinkweaver’s line about “swallowing pride.”
    I am actually proud if an encounter with the law goes smoothly, fairly and everyone respects each other.
    It’s what we want to have happen, no?

  30. I keep photocopies of my DL, registration, insurance, and CCW all in an envelope in the driver’s side door. I can retrieve it without furtive movements and give it to the police easily for them to keep. I keep my hands in view. Now if they want the original documents, I can explain where they are and ask if I can slowly get them.

    I have a similar type of customized envelope for any traffic accidents with my contact information. Getting off the road to a safe spot is paramount; not fumbling around to take down information.

  31. @BFH – “… I actually disagree with Dinkweaver’s line about “swallowing pride.”
    I am actually proud if an encounter with the law goes smoothly, fairly and everyone respects each other…”

    Sorry Fur, but I disagree with your disagreement. The pride Dinkweaver – whoever he is – is swallowing is that which he is experiencing at the time of the traffic stop.

    The pride you describe is that which is felt at the end of a successful peaceful encounter with a cop.

    What you gloss over is the need to swallow your pride during the encounter in order to achieve a successful resolution to the encounter – of which you can be proud of.

    Still unanswered is, who is this mysterious Dr. David Dinkweaver? Am I that in the dark that everyone else but me knows? I’m starting to get obsessed.


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