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  1. I had a boonie dog years ago that hated when the wife and I would leave him home alone.

    He would grab one of my paperbacks off the table, completely shred it and pee on it in front of the tv.

    He also liked knocking my beers over so he could clean the mess.

    I miss him, not the ex wife.

  2. We’re on hard lockdown around here, in the crates about 21hrs a day. Between a 5 month old lab, a 6 month dachshund and a near 3 year dachshund, I’ve had enough of the bad dogs. I feel terrible, but they’re getting regular by following a schedule and eating on time.

  3. That put a smile on my morning face, thanks.
    The 2 labs at 2:52……he straight snitched out his bro,that never pays off…..he shoulda watched Leave it to Beaver. God love animals

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