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Gullible Virtue Signaling Women Falling For “Blackout” Day

The reactions by the women who’ve figured out it’s a hoax, warning their sisters, is equally hilarious… and nauseating.


This is not a movement! It’s spam and the equivalent of chain mail. If you research its origin you will quickly see there is no official group or organization behind it. It was started as early as 2017 and claimed it was to send a message about domestic violence or sexual assault.

Why is chain mail like this counterproductive to moving the needle on issues like sexual assault or domestic violence or frankly any issue?

They are not tied to any specific advocacy goals or strategic impact. For example, there is no message about contacting your Senators about specific bills, such as reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act, which is set to expire this weekend!

Often the messages are vague and can ending up hurting the people they are attempting to help. In the case of the Female Blackout message, people are perpetuating the erasure and silencing of women in a time when women need to be seen and be vocal. “Asking people to silence themselves in the face of oppression is the opposite of activism. Never. Never. Never. Give up your platform to speak or your ability to be seen,” said Amanda Quraishi in a public post on Facebook.

Equally alarming is the tone deaf message asking women, especially black women, to swap out their photo for a black square. As Leslie Mac publicly posted, “I’d like to invite you to think about the optics & impact of you asking a Black Woman to join a “female blackout” on social media. First of all, for the most part we are already invisible & ignored so the idea that we would take collective action that further diminishes our voices, even for a day… nope.”


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  1. Good Lord … this is so ignorant on so many levels … ok, Ms twatwaffle … ‘no men’ from 9:01 ’till 10:00
    … looks about the same? … yeah, thought so

    gawd! these people are so much less than ‘imbecilic’

  2. This kind of stuff is what Snopes was invented for. That and preventing you from contacting your legislators who are proposing to tax your e-mails to make up for lost postage stamp revenues and National Gas Out Day. Before they started diving into factchecking political opinions they didn’t like.

    This also reminds me of rabid misogynist Jimmy Kimmel’s old Man Show bit about Ending Women’s Suffrage:

  3. I’ve always helped people in need or trouble, like stopping to change a tire for a woman. I was raised that way. In light of the new reality that our society is facing in regard to what the people on the left are willing to do to gain power like deceit and false claims and cheating and outright assault, I’ve decided to change. If I stop to help someone, I will find out what side they are on. Are they of good moral character or do they adhere to the tenants of the left? It will make a difference whether I’ll help them or not. I won’t help those who endeavor to destroy me and those I care about. Example: “Excuse me, Miss, do you believe in abortion on demand?” If the answer is yes, I’m out of there.

  4. Harley Bob, you read the time wrong, it’s 13 hours. You can go to the saloon after work and no one will notice.


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