Gun Grabbers Now Targeting Muzzle Loaders

Gabby Gifford’s gun controllers have initiated a fear campaign against a new .50 caliber muzzle loaders equipped with a silencer. Tucker Carlson discussed the issue with New York City council  member Jumaane Williams.


In case the imbedded video doesn’t work you can watch the segment Here 

34 Comments on Gun Grabbers Now Targeting Muzzle Loaders

  1. Next, they’ll be going after fully automatic crew-served muzzle loaders.

    We need to ban these tools of the Devil or something.

    It’s for the chil-der-in….

  2. Next, they’ll be going after fully automatic crew-served muzzle loaders. Especially the ones with silencers that nobody can hear.

    We need to ban these tools of the Devil or something.

    It’s for the children…

  3. “Yo, Africa Bob, We’re over here.
    You seem to be running your own blog on the back of someone else’s.”

    Free range dick. They don’t have ears. Probably has a blog. With 4 views this month.

  4. But, but, but aren’t muzzle loaders the ONLY guns that we the people are allowed to have according to the Constitution. At least that’s what they hoplophobes keep telling us………………..

  5. On a some what related item, the (once) great state of California’s law makers have determined revolvers that are capable of shooting shot gun shells are actually short barreled shot guns and therefore are illegal.

  6. Next Carbide Cannons (Big Noise for Boys) have got to go, on several violations.
    One, Global Warming: Carbide, smoke, and (horrors) Acetylene gas combustion
    Two, War Mongering: Its a cannon, something they might attach to an AR 15
    Three, Toxic masculinity, boys should not make noise, but reflect on their choices

  7. Holy Shit!!! I just realized I’m so old that I can remember way back when you could actually find a democRAT that had even s glimmer of some common sense. Growing up in a Democrat family and working with my dad on the JFK campaign (I actually met Kennedy) those Democrats seem to be long gone. Now they’re the stupidest fucking bunch of commie morons I’ve ever seen! I’m ready for a civil war and I think that is all we can do to start over.

  8. @Reboot: I didn’t understand your reply until I Googled “muzzleloader” and found the alternative definition in the Urban Dictionary. Sounds like a nasty trick.

    P.S. – You should be ashamed of yourself for knowing what that meant.


  9. ‘Overton Window’ … they keep shifting the narrative
    ok, you don’t want muzzleloaders banned … we understand … just get rid of those AR-15 ‘Assault Weapons’
    …. ‘common sense’ gun control … ‘kay?

  10. “AR-15 ‘Assault Weapons’”

    Funny, I have a couple AR’s chambered in Blackout and lets see some one get up my drive way that I don’t want to. AR15 Defensive Weapon.

  11. @ Vietvet, I’m a freerange bubblehead now. They had to let me loose on the world. Scary enough, but my family was in Kentucky when the state was “born”.

    Imagining a moronic window licking left tard with black powder equipment scares the shit out of me.

  12. @Reboot: I was just teasin’ with ya. Sounds like you have a rich family history in Kentucky. Surprised you left the state. Must have been the submarines. They don’t have many in Kentucky, or so I’m told.


  13. My branch went west as the US expanded. I’m from a Missouri clan in the early 1800’s.

    Ammo prices are still dropping. I’m getting the itch for a couple of thousand rounds. Time to train my wimmins.🙃

  14. When are they going to Speak Truth To Power™? The power of the NDA‽ The National Dairy Association. More Innocent Children In America™ are killed each year by those Weapons of Mass Destruction™ that launch cows in their general direction, than by all the muskets in the entire world! It’s a Public Health Issue™! It’s Science™! It’s even in The Book of Armaments!

  15. Just wait until the gun grabbers discover knives have built in silencers AND have a rate of usage that exceeds one per minute. Then it will be total war on assault knives. As they say, if it just saves one child’s life…

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