Gun Sales Triple in Some States

The majority of states have been classifying gun stores as “essential” during their lockdowns, and had they not, the industry would’ve missed out on a surge in sales. more

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  1. All those new, first time gun buyers now realize what “necessary to the security of a free State” and “shall not be infringed” really mean. I bet the NRA and NSSF new memberships will soon skyrocket also.

  2. What is happening to us right now is the reason we have the second amendment. This kind of shit is what the founders had in mind.

  3. Covidentially, I would be suspicious of anyone panic buying a gun.

    Those are the people who don’t know anything about gunz, and eventually forget they even bought them.

  4. Bought a box of 1000 .22LR mid February on the way home through PA (to NY) at Cabelas, LEGALLY, before the shitfest.

    I saw the creep, aka Grippe coming. I checked a month later and the doors were close to weapons sales. Not sure the current policy, as things are changing day to day.

    Good food area and AMAZING taxidermy display.

  5. Good to see the government is still giving permission to some people to buy and have a gun in a few places.

  6. I have read several times that people who normally want more gun control laws are getting pissed now that they want a gun and are running into the gun control laws that currently exist.

  7. RadioMattM, they always do. But when the current “Crisis” is over, they always go back to wanting stricter gun laws. I’ve seen this happen many times over my decades on this rock.

  8. @Anonymous April 8, 2020 at 12:19 am

    Did you ever learn to ride a bike – or drive a car – for the first time?

    Yeah, forget it what you said. Also, assign yourself a name.

  9. @ Mary Hatch APRIL 7, 2020 AT 11:12 PM

    I like Cabela’s just fine, I liked them better pre Bass Pro though.

    Cabela’s is currently running a $20 in Club Points on top of the points you already get by using your Cabela’s MC for firearms purchases.

    This means you can buy Anderson Mfg lowers for a net of under $29 bucks. Or five for under a buck fifty.

    I buy these, or I buy our hometown Aero Precision blems. Six in one a half dozen in the other quality wise. Anderson used to have some finish irregularities, but I haven’t seen any in a long time. In the distant past people reported that they had some machining defects too. I have never experienced that myself, but I push the correct size twist drill through all the pin holes using a pin vise and chase the threads with a tap through the grip screw hole before I do anything to a receiver, so what may have been their issues was just crud or threads that were not tapped all the way through. I only use high quality American made parts groups too, that could be the source of their clearance problems. I’ve never had any.

    By the way, a blemish on an Aero receiver usually takes a magnifying lens to get a good look at. It usually is something like a pin prick or an eyelash in size.

  10. I saw the writing on the wall, back when Clinton got the nomination – so I started stocking up THAT summer…

    … of ’92… 😳


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