Gunman Identified In Thousand Oaks Mass Shooting

The Ventura Sheriff’s mental health team visited Long and cleared him in April, Dean said, adding that they didn’t know his motive yet.

Last night a man walked into the country music themed Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, CA. The individual reportedly threw smoke bombs and then fired on the crowd with a handgun, killing 11, and responding Sheriff Department Sergeant Ron Helus. More

The shooter, who died at the scene, has now been identified as 29-year-old David “Ian” Long. Police have reported no motive for the crime, but have ruled out terrorism. It seems that Long drove his mother’s car to the Borderline. More


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  1. “Police have reported no motive for the crime, but have ruled out terrorism.”

    Crackerjack investigation, fellas. Vegas sheriff teaching classes?

  2. He used a .45-caliber handgun, known as a “glock.” Really? Crackerjack reporting to go along with the Crackerjack investigation.

    Is it politically correct to use the term ‘Cracker”jack?

  3. Oh nice. He kills people, he’s dead, and now his poor mom has to try to get her car back from the police. What a complete asshole.

  4. The picture of this shooter up at Drudge looks like he’s not right in the head. Wonder if he was dishonorably discharge, or at perhaps mentally unfit.

  5. Was this reported nationally yesterday? First time I’ve heard about this.
    Oh right. The news of the day Wednesday, was Acosta being picked on by President Trump (sarc).

  6. @Candy, Sheriff stated he was never “5150” (Mentally unstable) and wouldn’t speculate on any PTSD issues despite the media incessantly asking him to.

  7. I think the term “mentally ill” is more loosely defined n CA than in the rest of the nation. They seem to recognize a broader spectrum of acceptable behavioral parameters for those allowed to poop in the streets.

  8. What are the odds that 24 hours after Newsom is pointed King of California, we have a mass shooting?
    As far as motive, is that even important anymore? For a long time now I get up every morning, take my shower, brush my teefers, put on my pants, and pick my pistol up off the nightstand and slide it into it’s holster. I’m have an increasingly more difficult time feeling sorry for these victims. Arm yourselves,avoid soft targets.

  9. This of course plays into the left’s narratives. “All veterans are sick, potential mass murders”, and “we must ban hand guns, especially plastic ones” and “we must ban ‘extended magazines'”

  10. @WDS – thanks I did read that after commenting here. I hope any problems he had weren’t made worse due to poor VA medical care.

  11. “we must ban hand guns, especially plastic ones”

    I’ll bet money that “Extended Mag” was the normal 15 round mag the gun came with. I’m forced to carry 10 round mags. So if a law biding citizen gets into a gun fight with a bad guy, who always seem to have large mag capacity, my state government has already put that law abiding citizen at a disadvantage.

  12. “Did he forget that carrying a gun into a bar is illegal? It might even be a felony in CA.”

    You can’t carry in a place of business that’s primary sales are alcohol. If the business has a separate Grill or Restaurant you can carry in that area. Sounds like this place had a Restaurant. But lets face it, most of SoCal is a soft target.

  13. Same victim demographic as Vegas, some there were even victims of that mass shooting. Same day Progtifa calls for 900 riots in the streets.

    This is not a coincidence.

  14. OK, time to prevent ALL veterans from owning a firearm. Time to ban handguns. Wow, how convenient.

    Say ‘goodbye’ to 2A, thanks to these coincidental mass shootings. 🙁


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