Think of it as The Home Shopping Network, except with less junk and a lot more guns and related items for sale on television.



That’s the concept behind the new channel slated to start up in January.  They’re claiming they will be carried on “satellite systems Nationwide.”  (We’ll see if they survive the coming libtard storm of outrage).

Their website seems to be looking for gun sellers and there’s an intro video of the concept.



11 Comments on GunTV

  1. good timing

    obama has been great for gun sales, people feel less safe than ever

    if they do it well, i predict poplarity and success

  2. meh……….gunbroker or auctionarms, or guns america dot coms

    their business model wont work….webs much cheaper than tv

  3. I am here. If they do it right with tests and reviews it could be a big hit. Kinda of a Hickok45 meets the Home Shopping Network type of thing.

  4. I know a guy thinks ATF (Alcohol Tobacco Firearms) should be a convenience store instead of a fed agency.

    Have to admit, turning it into a home shopping channel makes sense.

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