Gut’em Like a Fish

The Department of Energy should be the first unnecessary agency to be closed.  See how Here

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  1. Return student loans to the banks and ditch DOEd too. Feds have no biz in it.

    Disallow grants and loans to students that major in hobby degrees (any studies degree). You want to be brainwashed into being a rabid feminist, do it on your own dime.

  2. Dump Planned Parenthood and the Dept. of Education Pull the Feds off our Local Police. Fix our roads, build our Military, protect our downtrodden here in America. And otherwise stay to fuck out of our lives. Help us if we need help, but don’t guarantee help for five generations of “dindunottins.” Enough!

  3. I sort of agree w Uncle Al, Education is useless and counter-productive. Turn over education to the states, close the damned thing down, save us some money. Then D of Energy, which seems to have a ton of money and whose staff don’t seem to do much other than rip off the taxpayer and produce spreadsheets and graphs etc. Then Labor. Then HUD. Then Commerce (move the Weather Service to Interior, we can live without a ‘NOAA’). There are way, way too many federal agencies and too many federal employees.

  4. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION is the popular choice because this can be done EASILY at the state level, and everyone knows these positions are just for donors and their wives to push paper around.

    Everytime people say “Reagan was the best!” –did he close one department? No.

  5. I don’t know if the answer is so easily decided. The FBI moved into serious contention when they proved themselves to be irrelevant this past year. When an agency head whores himself for political reasons, they take their agency with them.

  6. Add ATF, DEA, and HHS to the list. Resend every EPA reg issued for the last 25 years, reduce their budget by half and outlaw them ever making another reg.

  7. Shut the whole fed government down ASAP. (then reconstitute the useful 10% of it)

    Remember the “Sequester”? OMG no! What will we do if there are no WH tours ?!!!!

  8. Shitcan the DHS, BATF, the entire EPA Environmental Protection Agency, the Dept of Education.

    Shunt NOAA and the NMFS Natl Marine Fisheries Service from Dept of Commerce over to the Dept of Interior. Shitcan BLM Bureau of Land Management and transfer all fedl lands over to the individual states.

  9. The Dept/Education is by far, the most cancerous federal agency. And that’s saying a lot when you consider the EPA, BATF, OSHA…

    It’s nothing more then a yearly multi billion dollar slush fund that the feds use to coerce various school boards to accept NEA policy.

    It wouldn’t last 5 minutes after I was inaugurated.

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