Gutfeld Demotes “The Boss”

Bruce Springsteen released an all too predictable anti-Trump song yesterday, “That’s What Makes Us Great.” Greg Gutfeld gave it a listen and then pointed out why Springsteen hasn’t been relevant since the late seventies.


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  1. I don’t like Springsteen, never have, never will. In ’75 when everyone was going ga-ga over “Born to Run,” I hated it: it sounds like a cheap high school marching band tune to me, seriously. That being said, his politics mean nothing to me.

    “Stillborn to Run.”
    “Born to Run Away.”

    Fuck you, Brucie.

  2. Ditto Flip. He was packaged and promoted. I remember during the 70s when he was on the covers of Time and Newsweek as rock’s savior during the same week.

    That’s when I knew he was a product and not real. He’s gone from product to a primping insufferable ass.

  3. Whoever told that asshole he could sing should have their ass kicked! He makes Wolfman Jack sound like Andrea Bocelli when he sang.

  4. i read the article, and it demonstrates once again how the left is grasping at straws

    the “boss” took the “insult” personally when trump allegedly mocked a special needs reporter

    that appears to be his cherry pick at the moment, an out-of-context moment

    it reminds me of the “i never had sex with that woman”, only blowjobs

    what a fool, he should exile himself asap

    they have nothing, and the past 8 years have clearly demonstrated that, given ample opportunity to excel, they still have nothing

    there’s a new boss now, and it ain’t this old rock and roll “performer”

  5. I consider “Darkness on the Edge of Town” one of the finest albums ever made. It is and will always be in my top 5 list.

    That said, I wouldn’t listen to late career Springsteen if you paid me.

    Bruce, just stop it with the new material. You’ll never be as creative as Dylan, as important as Woody and God help you, in the same league as the truly greats rock acts. You’ve blown it, you’ve made yourself irrelevant and there’s no coming back for you.


  7. He always sucked sewer water. He’s a hack, typical bubble-gum pussy-ass quasi-rock. Inferior record company executive product.

  8. @Lead Salad When that hit, it hit me hard.

    Thanks for introducing them to me. I’m going to have to listen to more.

  9. @Dr. Tar, I agree. Darkness at the Edge of Town is a great album and I also I have to include Born to Run for pure nostalgia of high school days. The art room was the center of battle of the bands-an endless loop of Springsteen, Rush and crazy metal hair bands.

    John Mellencamp also is trying to still be relevant by releasing a new album with a single about Black Lives Matter. Not sure how many BLM you’ll find on a farm in Indiana but, OK, go for it. Madonna and her appearance at the Wimmins March in her pink p*ssy hat. Ugh. Really?

    Come on- retire already so we can remember you during better days.

  10. Dr. Tar – I’m kinda that way about Neil Young. To me “Zuma” is the epitome of garage band rock, possibly my favorite album of all time. I have most of his extensive output (including hundreds of hours of live and unreleased recordings), travelled a lot to see him, even met him once. But after he went over the edge politically with CSN about a decade or so ago, I wrote him off. I’m not going to pay money to hear a Canadian pontificate about American politics or his own brand of environmentalism.

    I always considered Live Rust to be one of the best live albums ever – Dr. Tar


  11. Glad you liked it Dr. Tar! Check out Howl, Black Chandelier, Mountains too. They’re a great live band.

  12. So much for Springstain, what about Gutfelt? He bashed Trump at every turn before the election, couldn’t find enough negative shit to throw at him. And now? Eat shit Greg!

  13. Always thought Springsteen was way over-rated, and pretending he’s some kind of blue collar guy irritates me.
    I was in bands (as the sax player) that played a couple of his tunes. The audience liked it, but ‘Rosalita’ bored me. ‘Tenth Avenue Freeze-out’ was a fun horn band song though not sure what it’s about, and don’t care.

    Gutfeld was clever with his Billy Joel reference though, and I much prefer his ‘Rosalinda’s Eyes’ better than any of that liberals who’s the boss stuff.

  14. @aleon I’m going to bitch about Trump when I think he’s said or done something wrong. It’s not to tear him down but to correct his error and calling him out when he doesn’t represent us well.

    I put this on gab earlier today.

    They are saying on the News that PDJT wants to keep the O-care provision that lets children stay on parent’s insurance.

    If it’s such a good idea why not let the free market offer it?

    Just get government out of the way of healthcare, please.

    That’s not attacking him personally, that’s disagreeing with something he seems insistent on pursuing.

  15. Born Too Dumb
    Duncing In The Dark
    Poove It All Night
    Tenth Avenue Brain Freeze
    Prone In The TSA
    The Ghost Of Bruce’s Choad
    Pink Cataract
    57 States And Nothing On
    Outed In The Streets
    Glory Hole Days.

  16. Oh yeah, apparently the the puss….er the “boss” gets farm subsidies for his jersey place because he planted a fern or some crap. Kiss my hairy Irish ass, brucey, you punk.

  17. The hypocrisy simply drips from this over-rated, quasi-working man’s pathetic underslung jaw. When did he have these revelations about The Right? Was it watching his daughter ride her show horses on the East Coast show circuit? Hobnobbing with the esteemed Paters and Maters of the adorable trust fund babies in his neighborhood? Or maybe these sparks of brilliant social justice came to him rubbing shoulders with the Bros in the hood at one of Obama’s Come-to-Daddy concerts at The White House? Mozart he ain’t. One of the working class he ain’t. Just a pseudo intellectual who lined his designer jean pockets with money gained from the disgusting capitalist system.
    You know, I’ve always wanted to tell The Boss to STFU.

    Hey. That felt pretty good……

  18. We called him the “Jersey Jerkoff”. Never liked him either. If that’s “Born in the USA” I’ll help push NJ out into the ocean, as soon as Christie steps off. He’s holding it down!

  19. “He’s going down!” – bruce springsteen speaking of Donald Trump from the stage of the ‘Concert for hillary’ in Detroit the weekend before the election in 2016. All you need to know.

  20. Forty-five years ago the SOB tried to keep me from having a job.
    He protested the opening of the factory where I worked because the company was shutting down a union strangled plant in NJ.
    As far as I know I have never heard the a–hole sing.

  21. @Lead Salad: Finally got to a place where I could watch/hear this.

    I’m stunned. That fits so well, matches my taste. I’ll be checking them out. Thank you for sharing that link.

    Heh, I’m almost 60, and when I grow up I wanna be a young rocker.

  22. Glad you liked it flip! I saw them introduced on a BBC show….when they said the name Biffy……I started laughing. When they played…….my jaw hit the floor. Heck, I’m almost 50 and am looking to get back into playing out! It’s been a while, but I’ve got the itch.

  23. Mmmnnnmppp mmmnnbbbb mmmmmeessss werrrffff bbbb oooonnnn – How Springsteen’s mumbling songs sound to me.

  24. Fuck Springsteen, with a broom handle, bristle-end in first. Never liked the guy. Self-serving liberal twat.

  25. Lead Salad

    I’ve been working in machine shops since I was 17. And the same damn music is on the radio now as the day I started. WTF? Here in the Sacramento are they had an awesome radio station that played nothing but some of these young bands, like the one you linked. “Progressive Rock”. Which ironically sounds a lot like some of the stuff we grew up listening to. Only NEW.

  26. Bruce was OK…but he was the best if you had your arm around Mary Marihugh, in a rain storm and he came out singing…’who’ll stop the rain’…..Red Rocks Amphitheater in the 80’s….Golden Colorado. If you’ve never been there, put it on your bucket list….concert or the sunrise Easter service, you’ll be happy you did…

  27. I heard “Glory Days” in a store today and I audibly said outloud, “Turn that shit off.” That is hands down one of the WORST songs I’ve ever heard.


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