Gutfeld: Impeachment is Dems’ ‘shatter in case of emergency’ glass

The country doing great under President Trump and that’s an emergency for Democrats.

With Special Guest: ‘Adam Schiff’

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  1. I remember a while back when I was being trolled on FB. Some jerk thought that Trump’s impeachment was eminent. So I asked him “Have you ever wished in one hand and shit in the other to see which one fills up first?”. That made him mad and he wanted to fight me physically.

  2. Hopefully, there are enough ‘Americans’ left in the nation to boot the left from power in Congress.

    This is a bad situation, and it will likely continue well into the future: immigrants into the nation have not assimilated, witness the election of tlaib and omar.

    We may have to go our own way, meaning America will not remain 50 states. In the scheme of things, that might not be so bad. Imagine a nation headed by Donald Trump Jr., and without an electorate that puts the likes of pelosi in office?

  3. In reply to “Anonymous”, I live in Saskatchewan, the Canadian province just north of eastern Montana and North Dakota. Both Alberta and Saskatchewan are “madder than a lactose-intolerant milkmaid” with the Canadian Federal Government. We are more “in line” with mid-West Americans. There is a strong Wexit movement from Canada – perhaps we can become northern territories of the United States?

  4. I have been reading Quora every day for a while. There is a lot of interesting stuff there, much of it not political. Yesterday, though, was pretty bad. Lot’s of anti-Trump stuff. One person made a list of how Americans were much worse off under Trump; how their 401Ks did better under Obama, how the tax cuts were only for the rich and how the middle class was now worse off! How farmers are worse off and NOW HAD TO GET SUBSIDIES IN ORDER TO SURVIVE.” Oh, of course that phone call was an extremely Illegal act, and how everything Trump says is a lie.


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