Gutfeld on the liberal open letter against cancel culture

Prominent liberal writers, activists slam cancel culture, call for openness to opposing views.

8 Comments on Gutfeld on the liberal open letter against cancel culture

  1. I’m reminded yet again why I can’t stand Wa-Hon Williams. He’s so intentionally obtuse, it’s very irritating. I guess this why his listeners enjoyed him on NPR.

    Get smart, Wa-Hon. #WalkAway.

  2. Guano steps around the subject just to take a shot at Trump.
    He reminds me why I avoid any program with him on it.

  3. ^^^^ I can’t stand the way he takes ANY topic and in some distorted way brings Trump’s name into the picture…every effing time.

  4. Yep, Chuckie…. EVERY time!

    Do you think that Juan is behaving this way because he’s trying to win favor and get his old job back at NPR? I don’t really remember him being so off the rails LEFT like he is on this show. I think there’s a reason behind it all. Isn’t his son conservative?

  5. Cate – I wonder the same damn thing because, to me, Juan seems to have gone further to the left than he has in the past. I wish he would leave. I get Fox wanting a left’s point of view to make for good rebuttal and whatnot, but he is ridiculous. Love it when Greg and/or Jesse KO him with a good counterpunch.


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