Gutfeld Puts Will & Grace actors in Their Place

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  1. All they wanted was respect and equality, or something. Now they want to destroy everyone not like them. Phhuck Hollywood!

  2. My dog makes regular “Hollywood opinion dropping’s”, that require me to scoop up and place in the trash. Never needed a celebrity’s advice on anything.

  3. Because these are shallow, self-absorbed, mostly ignorant, uneducated people with justifiable insecurity, being paid and feted in ways that astronomically exceed their actual worth. And they know it. Guilt. Confusion. And egoistic fear of being outed.

    So they look for “causes”, virtue-signal, tsk-tsk and pretend, and yap loudly as a cover.

  4. I appreciate Gutfeld’s point, but he’s absolutely wrong to imply McCarthy was wrong or out of line.

    On the contrary, information revealed by the Venona Papers proves McCarthy was not only right, but didn’t know the half of what the communist were doing in this country!

    It wasn’t witches he was hunting…it was something far more sinister and dangerous!

    We must STOP allowing the godless, evil communist to influence us, and cause us to disparage a man who fought against them and their unholy desire to destroy all that is good and decent about this great nation!

    Don’t associate hollywierd scum with a man who saw the enemy and sounded the alarm!

  5. Thank you, Chance!!!

    I’m sick and tired of McCarthy being vilified for sticking his neck out. E.R. Murrow — another commie whose “Good Night and Good Luck” is another commie fable that needs to be carted off to the dustbin of Giant Lies.

  6. Chance,
    Gutfeld was making a pun. ANd his statement about Sen McCarthy was true, “a Senator from Wisconsin”. But he was throwing the left handed barb against Messy Messing.

    (PS-I like puns. Especially one as well played as Gutfeld’s tweet)

  7. Let’s see the list of Hollywood deviants Debra Messing was passed around to- whatever a Debra Messing is.

  8. I think Hollywood’s power is waning. Looking over the new stuff I watch nowadays, very little of it is “made in Hollywood”… Britain, Europe, Australia & New Zealand produced shows seem to be at the top of my list. And I catch very few new movies, in or out of the theater.

  9. I would like to know, so I can watch some normal people instead of self absorbed actors who want to insult me and think I’m dumb enough to then give them my money.
    But it’s safer to just watch none of them.

  10. Just as the golden age of radio and tv have gone by the wayside, you can add the movies to that growing list. Is it any wonder radio is going dark in some areas, TV will join in, soon. There just isn’t enough quality programming to fill a 24 day. When I was a kid in the 50’s many radio and TV station signed off between midnight and 2AM.


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