Guv Jay Inslee Donates Maggot Infested Apples For Wildfire Relief


DOUGLAS COUNTY, Wash. — Washington Governor Jay Inslee gave apples to the town of Malden and a retirement home in Omak that were unknowing infested with apple maggot larvae, according to a Facebook post from Douglas County officials.

Inslee visited the areas following devastating wildfires in both areas.  The governor released a statement Wednesday regarding the incident. 

“Last week Trudi and I wanted to express comfort for the communities suffering from devastating fires,” Inslee said in the statement. “When I visited some of these areas, I took some apples we picked from our tree in Olympia. We regret this mistake. This a good reminder of the importance of awareness around apple quarantine. We appreciate the Washington State Department of Agriculture’s efforts to help recover these apples and we are assisting to help make that happen.”

The post says the Honeycrisp apples were grown at the Governor’s Mansion in Olympia. County officials wrote Thurston County is an apple maggot quarantine area.


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14 Comments on Guv Jay Inslee Donates Maggot Infested Apples For Wildfire Relief

  1. He is a maggot.
    Come on MJA do your magic, lets see a maggot head. Thanks, everyone in Washington.

  2. This really is sounding more Nihilistic by the day.

    @MJA – Handing out State supplied maggot infested rotten fruit to maggot brain rotten citizens?

    Not good!

  3. Before I embiggened the font, the headline read ‘blah blah Inslee blah faggot infested blah’
    I need new spectacles.

  4. Gov. Insanelee, as he hands out maggot-ridden apples at an Old People’s Home:

    Hey, old coot, how do you like them rotten apples?
    Hey you, if you eat one of my apples and you might make it another day.
    You, old lady, never mind that wigglin’ worm…just spit it out…or swallow – doesn’t matter.
    Hey, smelly old geezer…take one of my apples before you croak.
    Mister, I can’t tell if you’re dead or alive, but here’s an apple anyway.

  5. For God’s sake the moron had to pass a half dozen large signs reminding travelers not to transport home grown tree fruit on the road between Olympia and Omak. Christ almighty, apples are a huge part of the ag business in this state.

    What a Goddamned dipshit


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