Guy Asks Friends If They Want To Eat His Amputated Leg

A guy flew through the air after a 45 mph motorcycle accident and mangled his foot and lower shin.

They tried to save it but he was missing so many bones he’d never be able to walk on it. So he decided to let them cut it off. He requested they give it to him. And they did.

For some stupid reason he got the idea to ask his friends if they wanted to experience “ethical cannibalism.”

And for some stupid reason they said yes.

There are no pictures at this link, just an interview with the guy. There are links to pictures over there.

I’m a little nauseated.

They made tacos. They have the recipe.


30 Comments on Guy Asks Friends If They Want To Eat His Amputated Leg

  1. “ethical cannibalism”…………. WTF?

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  2. A leper walks into a bar, apologizes in advance and says; I know I’m gross, but if you don’t mind, I’d like to have a couple beers. Bartender says no problem man, I got no problem with you.
    Hours later at closing, the bartender is vomiting profusely while mopping behind the bar. The leper feels bad and says; oh man,I’m sorry, I knew I’d gross you out. Bartender says, no, no, it wasn’t you gettin’ to me, it was the biker dipping his pretzels in your neck.

  3. So a Mohel goes into Leather shop…and says ” I’ve got 35 years of

    Foreskins in this box, Can You make something out of them?”

    He goes back a Week later and they hand Him a Wallet..

    He says ” 35 Years and all I get is a Wallet?”

    Leather Shop says “If You rub it, it turns into a suitcase”

  4. is this USDA approved?
    … probably not …

    gee, can’t wait to see next month’s Chipotle menu! … leg of …

  5. Let me guess, he has multiple piercings and full body tattoos. Considers himself an anarchist. Shows up in large crowds with his face covered.

  6. I do not like it Sam I Am, I will not eat a taco made of leg of Sam. All it needs now is green eggs and you’d have green eggs and leg of Sam.

  7. Assuming it is true, which I don’t, this is the kind of person who, in a slightly different reality, would have a wry/spooky nickname in the media and 3 inch thick file in some FBI behavioral specialist office.

  8. Now that it’s out in the media though, anybody who worked at the hospital can figure it out and leak it.


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